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Official data shows at least 32,000 people have died after having the Covid-19 Vaccine in Brazil

Data collated and analysed by the Ministry of Health in Brazil has found that at least 32,000 people have died after having a Covid-19 vaccine, but these are only the deaths that have been due to Covid-19, therefore providing even more evidence that the Covid-19 injections are deadly and do not work.


At least 9,878 Brazilians who have alleged died from Covid-19 in Brazil had already taken two doses of either the AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Coronavac, or Butanvac Covid-19 vaccine or the single dose Johnson & Johnson injection according to research carried out by Info Tracker, a pandemic monitoring platform of the University of São Paulo (USP) and the United States State University (UNESP).

The research used data from the Ministry of Health and analysed cases that occurred between the 28th February 2021; when the first people in Brazil were considered fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and the 27th July 2021. According to the Info Tracker survey, another 28,660 vaccinated people were also hospitalised.

Those aged over 70 make up the mass majority of the alleged Covid-19 deaths with 8,734 being registered; keeping in trend with what has been seen since the pandemic began. A further 1,062 deaths occurred in the 50 – 69 age group. All of them had been fully vaccinated.

Over 70’s also made up the majority of hospitalisations with 23,350 being hospitalised with Covid-19 even though they were fully vaccinated. A further 4,192 hospitalisations occurred din the 50 – 69 age group, and 940 hospitalisations in the 30-49 age group.

Wallace Casaca a coordinator of the Info Tracker Platform said that “To respect the time the body needs to develop antibodies after two doses or a single dose, our calculation counted the hospitalisations and deaths that occurred 18 days after the second dose: 15 days after the application and another three for the onset of symptoms”.

A further 65,000 people were also hospitalised with Covid-19 and a further 22,000 allegedly died from Covid-19 who had received the first dose of either the AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Coronavac, or Butanvac Covid-19 injection.

Meaning a total of 93,660 people have been hospitalised and 31,878 people have still died from Covid-19 despite having received an experimental injection that is supposed to reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death due to Covid-19 by at least 95%.

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