100's of tons of food sent to Ukraine by Russia

They want you to only see what narrative they give you so you can support them in a war with Russia.

But I will keep warning you that if they get war with Russia then America is doomed. And I don't mean doomed from Russia. I mean doomed from the globalist that will work fast to collapse this country.

See below link for the history of the NEO NAZIS that America has been funding in UKRAINE at least since Obama was in office. Their goal was to start war then, but Trump derailed their plans by winning the election in 2016.

Now that they have 'illegally' installed Biden, they are trying to fast track the start of that same war again.

U.S. Funding NEO NAZIS in UKRAINE for years to start war with RUSSIA-Today is NO DIFFERENT-LEAKED CALLS

The globalist agenda has always been to start world war 3. War helps to spend more money which is exactly what the globalist need to collapse economies while you believe it happened out of their control. Remember, their agenda is to start their Great Reset.

Their new digital currency and one world government. While you have been clueless of what's going on, they have been putting laws in place to prepare for when they will be ready to use them against us. Your congress knows exactly what's been going on and many of them on BOTH SIDES have sold you out for their own wealth.

Remember Biden said that he is continuing Obama's plans. Now can you see Obama's plans? Hint. His plans had nothing to do with "black people". He was a globalist puppet put in office to further their world agenda because he was a good talker and an obedient puppet that always does what he is told.

They are trying to fast track everything because they are scared that they could lose their power. Not to mention, the vaxxs are being exposed for the lies that they are. I believe that they know time is possibly short for them.

But as long as the sheep continue to remain clueless and believe everything they're being told; the globalist still have a chance to win. When are you going to wake up? When are you going to stop looking to be entertained and spend your time learning what's going on while sharing that truth with everyone you know?

Bombing their own people and blaming it on Putin. How many false flag events are being blamed on someone else rather than themselves. This is how the cabal operates.

Commit the crime and lay blame elsewhere. The cabal are traitorous too the core. Time to free the Ukrainian people from the clutches of this MAFIA gang of rabid wolves.

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