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No Lives Matter

Across the globe, excess deaths are much higher since the COVID-19 “vaccine” was introduced, so why isn't this headline news?

For the first few months of COVID-19, the mainstream media was publishing the death toll daily, scaring witless fools like Piers Morgan and Jeremy Vine into thinking that the end of human civilisation was nigh.

Since the miracle pharma cure was introduced, there are substantially more people dying around the world and yet, the media doesn’t even want to talk about it, let alone make it the headline news it deserves.

Why is that? What happened to honest journalism? Can we all agree that mainstream journalism has been completely replaced by propaganda, and those who still believe a word of it are still witless fools?

So, what is the truth?

I put together the simplest data analysis I could, to show what’s going on without losing robustness - cumulative excess mortality, broken down into three eras:

  1. Pre-COVID

  2. COVID-19

  3. “Vaccine” (mRNA experiment).

I picked countries to represent every continent that publish decent all-cause mortality, and we should test these hypotheses in each case:

  1. Pre-COVID, you should see that cumulative excess mortality reverts to zero. This is because you can only die once! In other words, an “excess” death is the result of someone dying later than expected (after a period of deficit) or earlier than expected (which should subsequently result in a deficit as a function of how much time that deceased person had left to live).

  2. Since COVID-19 is a deadly disease (just like many other respiratory pathogens), we should expect to see a period of excess deaths. Thereafter, we should see a period of deficit because the majority of people that died were already moribund.

  3. In addition to this expected deficit following COVID-19, during the “vaccine” era, we should see a further reduction if the “vaccine” is Safe and Effective. Since the mRNA experiment is nearing an end, we now have pretty much complete, definitive data to prove or disprove this.

Additionally, I also look at seasonal mortality patterns and compare average weekly excess deaths across the three epochs.

As an aside, since these are “self-controlled” studies, i.e. they reference themselves for baselines, we can probably make some reasonable comparative analyses across countries too if we want.

This report will be released as a series, one country at a time, plus a general conclusion.

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