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NHS App goes full-blown 'Big Brother' without your knowledge or consent

The ubiquitous smartphone, the accessory we cant live without, has become 'Big Brother' in your pocket with the ability not only to spy on everything you do and say, monitor everywhere you go and capture the details of everyone you come into contact with through the bluetooth function of the phone, but now will be used to control your access to money, food, travel, credit and work.

So what are the ways that the state can control you through your smartphone?

Smartphone apps will be used for:

  1. Carbon Footprint measurement

  2. Access to shops,

  3. Access to restraints,

  4. Access to public transport,

  5. Access to work

  6. Access to your bank account and credit

  7. Access to smart devices

  8. Access to travel services

  9. Maintain and control your Social Credit score

  10. Enable 24 Hour Surveillance

All of these things will be (some already are) linked to your NHS Covid App.

In Sweden, Bionic Banking, a contactless credit card chip (grain of rice) embedded in to your hand has already been rolled out to 'early adopters' (state sponsored stooges) and can also be used to open security doors and allow access to places of work, banks, etc.


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