Newly Discovered HIV Variant Can Cause Patients To Develop AIDS Twice As Fast, Researchers Say

First it was CovAIDS now it's been shortened to VAIDS, (Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome - and it's coming quickly.

British researchers have discovered a new HIV variant that doubles the rate of immune system decline in infected people and can cause AIDS to set in two to three times faster than other strains of the virus, according to a paper published Thursday, daunting news as millions of HIV patients worldwide remain untreated for the virus.


The research, [] led by scientists from the University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute, found people living with the newly discovered variant—named subtype-B—have higher HIV viral loads than those living with other variants.

People with subtype B were also found to experience double the rate of decline in CD4, an immune cell that the virus attacks in order to replicate, compared to more common HIV variants.

A significant enough drop in a person’s CD4 count can lead to diagnosis of AIDS, which causes a severely weakened immune system.

The variant was identified in the Netherlands, where researchers believe it has been circulating for years.

The United Nations’ UNAIDS program—which announced the research—said in a press release Monday the new variant does not represent a major public health threat, and the study’s authors said the variant remains receptive to available HIV treatment.

UNAIDS says the variant demonstrates the need for better access to HIV treatment to quell the spread of the virus, as 10 million people living with HIV worldwide are not yet receiving treatment.


79 million. That’s how many people have become infected with HIV—the virus that causes AIDS—since it was first identified in 1983, according to UNAIDS, with 1.5 million new infections in 2020. Some 36 million people have died from AIDS-related illnesses since then, with the program deeming HIV, “the deadliest pandemic of our time.” There’s no cure for HIV, but of the 38 million people living with the virus today, 28 million are on antiretroviral therapy that keeps them healthy and effectively prevents them from transmitting the virus. WHAT TO WATCH FOR

(Surprise Surprise!) - Moderna announced in January it had begun phase 1 of clinical trials for its HIV vaccine, implementing the same mRNA technology used to create its coronavirus vaccine.

Researchers hope the vaccine will deliver instructions for human cells to create HIV-specific antigens in order to generate an immune response. Last year, a “proof of principle” trial of this vaccine approach for HIV out of the Scripps Research Institute—which has partnered with Moderna for the development of the vaccine—detected the targeted response in 97% of participants who received the jab. TANGENT

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reportedpeople with HIV in New York—the state with the highest per-capita rate of HIV—were less likely to be vaccinated against Covid-19 than the general population, pointing to differences in demographic composition and socioeconomic status as possible reasons for the disparity.

The HIV-positive population is at greater risk for severe outcomes from Covid-19, with the World Health Organization finding 23.1% of all people with HIV who were hospitalized with Covid-19 died.

Additionally, some researchers have speculated that the coronavirus can mutate numerous times in the systems of HIV-positive people due to their compromised immunity, potentially causing novel variants like omicron.

The Association of American Frontline Doctors say:

“Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS): ‘We should anticipate seeing this immune erosion more widely’"

‘If immune erosion occurs after two doses and just a few months, how can we exclude the possibility that effects of an untested “booster” will not erode more rapidly and to a greater extent?”

A Lancet study comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Sweden was conducted among 1.6 million individuals over nine months. It showed that protection against symptomatic COVID-19 declined with time, such that by six months, some of the more vulnerable vaccinated groups were at greater risk than their unvaccinated peers.

Doctors are calling this phenomena in the repeatedly vaccinated “immune erosion” or “acquired immune deficiency”, accounting for elevated incidence of myocarditis and other post-vaccine illnesses that either affect them more rapidly, resulting in death, or more slowly, resulting in chronic illness.

COVID vaccines are not traditional vaccines. Rather, they cause cells to reproduce one portion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the spike protein. The vaccines thus induce the body to create spike proteins. A person only creates antibodies against this one limited portion (the spike protein) of the virus. This has several downstream deleterious effects.

First, these vaccines “mis-train” the immune system to recognize only a small part of the virus (the spike protein). Variants that differ, even slightly, in this protein are able to escape the narrow spectrum of antibodies created by the vaccines.

Second, the vaccines create “vaccine addicts,” meaning persons become dependent upon regular booster shots, because they have been “vaccinated” only against a tiny portion of a mutating virus.

Australian Health Minister Dr. Kerry Chant has stated that COVID will be with us forever and people will “have to get used to” taking endless vaccines. “This will be a regular cycle of vaccination and revaccination.”

Third, the vaccines do not prevent infection in the nose and upper airways, and vaccinated individuals have been shown to have much higher viral loads in these regions. This leads to the vaccinated becoming “super-spreaders” as they carry extremely high viral loads.

In addition, the vaccinated become more clinically ill than the unvaccinated. Scotland reported that the infection fatality rate in the vaccinated is 3.3 times the unvaccinated, and the risk of death if hospitalized is 2.15 times the unvaccinated.

A June report on Israel’s Channel 12 News revealed that in the months since the vaccines were rolled out, 6,765 people who received both shots had contracted coronavirus, while epidemiological tracing revealed an additional 3,133 people contracted COVID-19 from those vaccinated individuals.

Meanwhile, New England Journal of Medicine researchers have found that autoimmune response to the coronavirus spike protein may last indefinitely: “Ab2 antibodies binding to the original receptor on normal cells therefore have the potential to mediate profound effects on the cell that could result in pathologic changes, particularly in the long term — long after the original antigen itself has disappeared.”

These antibodies produced against the coronavirus spike protein could be responsible for the current unprecedented wave of myocarditis and neurological illnesses, and even more problems in the future.

…America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Chief Science Officer former Pfizer Vice President Michael Yeadon responded…: “This is unprecedented. What is happening is not understood.

“Commentators on Israeli TV have reported that contacts in the Health Ministry have termed this ‘immune erosion’:

“While some are concerned that blood IgG antibodies fall with time, I am not convinced that this is a relevant measure,”

Yeadon continued. “Respiratory virus infection begins in the lungs and nasopharynx. Neither are protected by blood antibodies, which are molecules too large to diffuse into airways tissue. What protects against infection and initial viral replication is secretory IgA antibodies and T-cells in airways, neither of which have been studied in any efficacy trial.

“… In most countries now, high fractions of the population have been vaccinated. If the Swedish study is a guide, we should anticipate seeing this immune erosion more widely. The most concerning aspect of that study is that those most in need of protection are those in whom immune erosion is most marked: the elderly, males, and those with comorbidities.

“… No one has any safety data about such a plan. If immune erosion occurs after two doses and just a few months, how can we exclude the possibility that effects of an untested ‘booster’ will not erode more rapidly and to a greater extent? And what then would be the response? A fourth injection. Madness.

“It’s long past time when known safe and effective drug treatments be used as the leading response to symptomatic infection (antivirals, corticosteroids, anti-inflammatories).

“In this way, we don’t expose entire populations to experimental medical interventions when only a very small fraction of the population are at notable risk from this virus, which, all hype aside, is by no means exceptional in its lethality compared with numerous others such as seasonal influenza.”

Yeadon concluded: “Europe is all but gone. The lights are going out. Austria and Germany now subject their unvaccinated to house arrest. In Greece, the unvaccinated are subject to escalating fines, non-payment of which is converted into prison time. In Lithuania, the unvaccinated are excluded from society. The booster campaigns are running full-pelt everywhere.

“Someone, somewhere knows what’s going to happen. Will immunity-erosion worsen more speedily and to a greater extent after this untested ‘booster’? The U.K. government has already said that the fourth injection is to take place a mere three months after the third. It’s utter madness. Yet such is the hermetic control of media that nothing much emerges into the public consciousness.”

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