New Zealand introduces vaccine passports

Starting with barbers and hairdressers.

  • By Ken Macon - Posted 7:56 am - November 24, 2021

New Zealand will run a trial of its new vaccine passport system by allowing barbers and hairdressers in Auckland to re-open. The government views the hairdressing industry as a controlled environment perfect to test the new controversial two-tier society system.

On Monday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that hairdressers and barbers in Auckland would be allowed to re-open on Thursday if they agreed to use the government’s draconian vaccine certification system. Those who open will have to ask for the My Vaccine Pass. Staff will also be required to be vaccinated to earn a livelihood.

The PM explained that they chose hairdressers to trial the vaccine certification system because they were the only closed businesses that “posed the lowest risk by reopening.”

“There are fewer staff employed, generally numbers in the space are constrained by the number of chairs and distancing between customers can be easily maintained. I know this will offer some relief for the sector and customers,” the PM said.

My Vaccine Pass provides vaccinated individuals with a QR code that can be shown through a smartphone app or on paper. The code will be scanned by venues to ascertain vaccination status.

The government plans a full launch of the vaccine certification system on December 3. People will be required to show proof of vaccination in a wide range of venues, including the sports venues, hospitality industry businesses, and faith-based gatherings.

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