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New World Order - The plan to enslave humanity

Brief outline of the NWO Plan:

(UN Agenda 21 - WEF 2030)

  • 9/11: Implement security state worldwide

  • Covid: Force/Coerce people to take vaccines that are not required, not effective and often dangerous and implement biosecurity state

  • Introduce Social distancing/masks: remove social contact, make people fearful, keep them from talking to each other, inhibit normal child development

  • Psychological warfare - Government Behavioural Sciences Unit - NUDGE

  • Virus vaccine batches (1,2,3) with different ingredients to get rid of weak, non-useful herd members, benign doses (1) for those we need to keep or are part of the control system. Also allows for deniability. (2 or 3 for the rest of us)

  • Willingness to be PCR tested, used as a litmus test for compliance.

  • Covid Vaccine Passports: Will allow/prevent buying/selling, travel, etc…

  • Digital money: Global monetary system, tied to Covid passports for “connivance”. Control what you spend

  • Environmental Lockdowns: “To keep the carbon footprint down”.

  • Food Shortages: To switch your diet to process foods, bugs and vegan, and away from real food and meat.

  • Cyber crime, Internet outages, Power failures: A good reason to inject microchip "Passports" into hand/forehead. Permenantly tracked via bluetooth / WiFi

That is how it is going to go down, the timeline might be a bit off. You will have one world faith, which is what the ecumenical movement is about. One world government, and all under control of the New World Order

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