New Study Proves Covid Restrictions Are Founded On Psychological Manipulation Instead of Science

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The study showed that the UK public was only convinced that Covid-19 was a threat only when the government introduced severe restrictions.

A new study has found that the public is likely to take the dangers of Covid less seriously after restrictions are lifted because the initial lockdowns “successfully convinced the public of the severity of the Covid-19 threat” if the government was prepared to impose severe measures.

Researchers suggest that scrapping measures could lead to people ignoring any remaining public health guidance including wearing face masks in public places or washing hands

The study – which was published on Wednesday in the Royal Society Open Science Journal – was based on two surveys which were carried out in 2020, and found that in the UK, members of the public judged the threat of Covid “vias the magnitude of the policy response” from the government.

Dr Colin Foad, the lead author of the journal, from Cardiff University, said: “Surprisingly, we found that people judge the severity of the Covid-19 threat based on the fact the government imposed a lockdown – in other words, they thought ‘it must be bad if the government’s taking such drastic measures.

“We also found that the more they judged the risk in this way, the more they supported lockdown.

“This suggests that if and when ‘Freedom Day’ comes and restrictions are lifted, people may downplay the threat of Covid.”

The research discovered that the public’s support for restrictions was not based on the sense of threat to themselves or their families, but “the country as a whole.”

Dr Foad said that in order to try and keep public support for lockdowns high, various strategies have been tried by the government, including “reminding people that they and their loved ones are at risk from Covid-19.”

In other words, the government have kept the fearmongering going and manipulated the minds of the public into giving up their freedoms by making them believe that their lives – especially the lives of their loved ones – are in constant danger.

Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh, an environmental psychologist from the University of Bath, said that the results from the study showed that bold actions from governments could be used to “influence public perceptions of issues.”

Lorraine said: “This has important implications for how we deal with other risks, like climate change – the public will be more likely to believe it’s a serious problem if governments implement bold policies to tackle it.”

Whilst this study confirms that the government have succeeded in manipulating the minds and emotions of the UK masses, this is nothing new.

The UK government’s ‘Behaviour Change Unit’ has published plenty of documents detailing the psychological warfare used against Brits. One document published in March 2020, titled ‘Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures’, stated one problem they felt they had with persuading enough people to social distance was that:

“A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened; it could be that they are reassured by the low death rate.”

To challenge this, the behavioural insight team suggested that the government needed to use “hard-hitting emotional messaging” to increase the “perceived level of personal threat”, particularly among those who are “complacent.”

Of course, the repetition from the government of being of “service” to the country through staying at home to “save lives” and “protect the NHS” perpetuated this ingrained fear of the Coronavirus. Once the government had the foundations of fear built, all they had to do was sit back and watch as the masses began to police one another and snitch on their neighbours for failing to ‘follow the guidelines.’

Sadly, there are those who are so brainwashed they are unable to see past the lies that the government and mainstream media have fed them. If people researched the facts and woke up from the Covid lie and stopped following the “guidelines” then the tower of deceit would come crashing down.

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