Neil Oliver - Disgraceful Name Calling & Mumbo-Jumbo

It's becoming truly terrifying how this is so obviously coordinated. Has anyone noticed how it's only really the western govts going down this route? UK, US, Europe, Australia etc. There don't seem to be great problems in India or in African countries etc.

It seems to me that part of this great game is to undermine the culture of nations where individual freedom and democracy is strongest and most protected by constitutions, laws and systems of rights. 'Emergencies' provide a means to undermine or override these barriers in the name of 'public good', 'safety', etc.

I truly fear that we are rapidly moving towards a form of neo-feudalism in which most individuals are effectively serfs or slaves, little more than livestock in fact with even what we eat being controlled. I really hope this backfires on the people behind this as ever more individuals wake up to what is going on and we get a Great Backlash against the Great Reset.

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