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Moving towards a great financial reset


SENSIBLE economists have been warning about the deliberate collapse of the economy for many years. We may just possibly have seen one of their pyramid building blocks being positioned into place.

The orchestrated unfolding and cataclysmic demise of the current fiat monetary system, where for the last few decades the central bank money printing machines have been creating money out of thin air with abandon, is upon us. These currencies are without actual commodity or gold backing. The consequential severe inflationary pressures we are experiencing are created by too much unmanageable debt being fuelled by this money-printing madness.

Whilst the oncoming collapse of the fiat system is no doubt a longer-term welcome break away from the existing debt-slavery economic model, we should be wary of its being potentially a part of the great reset agenda, which makes any proposed replacement something to keep a close eye on.

Caution is needed, as the UK currently has a limited ability to produce quantities of gold coinage - our held reserves only amount to around 310 tonnes of gold. The former Chancellor, Gordon Brown, sold off much of our gold holdings when the market was at its lowest. His error is now called the ‘brown bottom’ within the financial world, owing to the severity of his foolish policy. Is there enough precious metal available in the UK to support a recovery from the collapsed fiat-based system, or is some sleight of hand taking place?

There is a critical situation within the global financial markets. All the major currencies are at the point of collapse, as none have commodity backing, whilst being fully ensconced within the magic money fiat system; except for the soft ‘gold-backed’ Russian Rouble, in a country with mineral and commodity reserves, plus negligible debt.

A second cautionary note is that when previous major economies have collapsed, confiscation occurred, such as in France after John Law’s pyramid scheme, or in the USA during the Great Depression. The U.S. Government deemed that all gold coins must be handed over to the government at a fixed price, and then later increased that value to create a balance sheet surplus. Theft followed by a fraud under any other circumstances.

In both these catastrophic economic crashes, it was the plebs who suffered, with gold, silver and sometimes jewellery confiscated by crown agents, and taken into the exchequer, with anyone caught concealing what may have been their life savings, subject to penalties and often incarceration.

The elite managed to save their own wealth by constructing a loophole so that if property being targeted was of a certain age, it was deemed as antique. Convenient if the currency reset was pre-planned and those aware were themselves prepared, whilst the greater population were taken by surprise. One crude example was that silver coins pre-1933, with a higher silver content, were classified as antique. Later coin pressings were deemed as liable for confiscation. This is not to suggest only holding antique coins, as some other coinage will be needed in the future to trade and purchase necessities with.

Those who are not yet prepared should consider actions to insulate themselves as much as possible from the oncoming juggernaut of the elite’s orchestrated economic collapse. Those who think they have taken all the necessary steps possible should perhaps review their plans, as the cabal have done this reset scam a few times before.

Although an eventual move to gold and silver coinage would be welcome, they always conceal a poison within their plans to get people to accept an offer in trust, whilst distracting from a real agenda, or further extortion.

Just as with the clot-shot jab and the tragic after-effects, huge profits have been made from people’s suffering and misery. Remember, they have form, and lots of it.

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