Moderna Signs Deal to Build Covid-19 Vaccine Factory in Canada

Moderna has signed a deal with the Canadian government to build a vaccine factory in the country, which is set to cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

American pharmaceutical company Moderna, one of the big pharma companies known for creating a side-effect riddled Covid-19 vaccine, has signed a deal with the Canadian government to build a “state of the art” Covid-19 jab manufacturing plant.

The creation of this factory will not only provide Canada with an endless supply of Moderna vaccines, but it will essentially begin the process of the pharma company transforming the Canadian economy into a big-pharma-controlled pandemic economy. A major part of the country’s economic activity will be diverted to pay billions for unnecessary vaccines.

According to reports, the factory will be responsible for fulfilling Canada’s orders of the Covid vaccine including any potential booster jabs if they are approved by health authorities, and future vaccines made by Moderna for other respiratory viruses.

Moderna will also be responsible for supplying the country with vaccines “on an urgent basis” during health emergencies, meaning that Moderna will be the main supplier of vaccines for any future post-vaccine Covid-19 outbreaks in Canada.

The Canadian government stated that they made the deal because it suffered from repeated delays and supply shortages of Covid vaccines earlier this year. The country struggled to obtain the correct amount of doses it required for its population from other countries, including the United States, that was manufacturing them.

The Covid vaccine supply situation got so bad that the government delayed second doses for people up to 16 weeks and even advised recipients to “mix and match” the vaccines without knowing the potential risks.

Patricia Gauthier, Moderna’s head of Canadian operations said in a statement: “We are excited to expand our presence and continue our long-term collaboration with Canada.

“With our industry-leading mRNA technology platform and rapid drug development capabilities, we look forward to being an active participant in Canada’s robust life sciences ecosystem.”

According to officials, a location for the manufacturing plant is yet to be decided but they hope the construction will be completed by the end of 2024. This only confirms that this madness will never end…

It is unclear how much the factory will cost to build, but Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Francois-Philippe Champagne said that Moderna is planning to spend “hundreds of millions of dollars” on the plant.

Champagne also said that Canada has ordered an additional batch of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines, but he did not go into further details about this.

Champagne said: “We didn’t choose the time of the pandemic, and it’s obvious we won’t choose the time of the next one.

“But there’s one thing we can choose. That’s being better prepared and more resilient.”

Champagne and the Canadian government are completely ignoring the fact that the Moderna Covid-19 vaccines are notorious for their side effects, which have caused countless adverse reactions and injuries to thousands of people.

Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, said that his company was planning to further expand its operations into other countries, stating that the pharmaceutical company is currently in talks about building similar vaccine manufacturing plants in Europe and Asia, however, the CEO refused to specify which countries.

In the last few months, Canada has become incredibly dependent on Moderna and its Covid-19 vaccines. The creation of this jab factory will only make the country more reliant on the pharmaceutical company, which will only have a detrimental impact on the residents.

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