Lord Reay - UK Parliament Speech Against Water Fluoridation

What you said about Lord Reay:

Wow an actually decent politician speaking the truth for once making sense. Thank you sir

Thank you, Lord Reay, for speaking the truth about water fluoridation!

Thank you, Lord Reay. You are informed and wise. I hope your colleagues will listen to you and understand what's at stake.

I love Lord Reay. Thank grud someone in the HoL is on the ball about this fl in tap water scandal. Our MPs are rubbish!!!! You have made my day Lord Reay

God bless this man!

At last! Someone in the house of lords with a functional brain!

Well said, now we need our local councils to listen. We'll carry on with our filtration system till then.

Thank you sir! well said! We must end this practice

Brilliant, well said, Truth spoken!

Birmingham have had it in their water since 1964 and its no wonder we have many people with Alzheimer's disease , Its no wonder we have arthritis galore hip replacements knee replacements , thyroid problems Cancers Galore . Its no wonder that people cant think for themselves anymore . WE WANT IT OUT OF BIRMINGHAM ASAP

I believe it also calcifies the pineal gland. Our 'third eye'...our spiritual connection...

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