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Getting a Smart Meter just isn’t Smart.

As we head towards very difficult times, gas and electricity prices are going to soar and most ordinary people will suffer.

Some MPs have indicated that ‘there is absolutely no question of the lights going out’, and major suppliers have ‘sourced gas and electricity from the wholesale markets a year ahead to hedge against a major market shock’ said an industry source to one major paper.

However, that’s more or less what they said back in the 1970’s; but stocks started to dwindle, and the lights did go out. Britons were left with eating meals by candlelight listening to the radio, and were totally beholden for their amount of gas and electricity from the energy supplier and government.

Haven’t you noticed how street and road lights have become much dimmer? How adverts are now telling you by turning off a room light not in use saves the planet? Well, that’s common sense. They forget to mention it saves them cost.

It seems almost every day people are contacted by suppliers regarding having smart meters installed into their homes. I for one, always refuse. However, I believe we will be forced to have these installed in our homes by the end of 2025.


These controversial devices have already proved hugely unpopular. Customers will have to share their information with the supplier every 30 minutes and there are more drawbacks.

Knowing how and when homes use their energy will mean customers will be forced to change their habits and use less or only have more energy when it costs less. You use more, you pay at a higher rate.

These smart meters will allow energy firms to increase prices at peak periods; it will mean flexible accounts will pay more and the supplier will be able to be in control therefore turning off your supply when they decide, not you.

Smart meters – smart for the Elites, not Smart for you. Who will control your heating; control how much you pay and when you can use it? Don’t install these machines. If gas and electric supplies start to dwindle, and you have a Smart Meter, they’ll make sure you save, by turning it off for you!

Forcing the way you heat your home; controlling your heating and light, telling you what to eat; in charge of what medicine you take, even proposing to force it on people, even those for whom it would be dangerous, for medical reasons.

Is 1984 fast approaching? Certainly seems that way.

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