Lawsuit filed against ECOHEALTH ALLIANCE, DASZAK & BARIC for creating COVID-19 in a lab.

It alleges that the defendants were responsible for the injury and/or death of the plaintiffs due to their creation and subsequent release of SARS-CoV-2 from the Wuhan Laboratories in China.

ICYMI, this case was filed on 5th October, 2022. Many cases have been filed (and failed) but I think this is still important because it sets out 75 “factual allegations” related to the origin of the virus. Even if this is not heard in court, it should be presented to various other “authorities” to explain.

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In my opinion, this is a critical point to establish. If the virus is the result of gain-of-function research (as so many people have already provided much evidence to support) then the failure of governments all around the world to even acknowledge this, let alone pursue the matter on behalf of all their citizens that died from it, and the enormous costs of their countries have borne in response to it, demonstrates unequivocally that those governments lack integrity.

If they cannot be trusted on the origin of the virus, how can they be trusted on anything else?

Maybe I’m being naïve, but I truly believe that even if it takes fifty years, this is the ultimate conclusion. Maybe not while they are alive, but eventually all those on the wrong side of this debacle will be tarnished.

Our legacies last longer than we do, so their children and grand children will bear the shame. But do you think they care?

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