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KNIGTS TEMPLAR ANTI-RESET Papers - Great Response: Claim Resist the Reset Flyers + Economic Review

We get things done in the real world!

Templar observers at big anti-lockdown events in the UK and Eire kept on telling us the same thing: A large number of the people on the march are Christians, or at least open to Christian ideas and symbolism, but the papers and leaflets being handed to them have been full of ‘New Age’ nonsense.

So we contacted our political friends and got to work. And ‘Freedom’ is the direct result! Freedom is a 16-page tabloid newspaper, aimed specifically at people joining demonstrations against lockdown measures and forced vaccinations.

Two different versions have been printed, one for use in Ireland and one for the United Kingdom. Both expose and hammer the sinister elite agenda, particularly their exploitation of Covid to grab wealth and power. The longer-term aims of population reduction and blasphemous and totalitarian transhumanism are also addressed.

The Christian part of our message is promoted in a gentle and deliberately under-stated way. The aim is both to reassure Christian newcomers to the protests that they are in the right place, and to introduce secular protesters to Christian ideals and values.

This is vital to successful long-term resistance to the liberal masonic elite’s global coup d’état. Tens of thousands of each of these very professional papers have been printed and delivered to a fast-growing network of volunteer distributors.

The response to them being given out at the first couple of protests has already been phenomenal, with people literally queuing up to get copies for themselves and to give out.

As always, our thanks are due to our brethren and supporters, whose membership payments, purchases and donations provide us with the human, organisational and financial resources to help make good things like this happen.

From now on, the global elite and the ‘New Age’ cranks alike have serious and effective Christian opposition in the popular movement to resist the Great Reset. Deus Vult!


FREE: Resist The Reset Leaflets

We have printed 500,000 TRUTH BOMB leaflets available immediately so that the sheeple can be informed and equipped with the TRUTH in these days of massive deception, falsehoods and media/Gov propaganda!


Will you let the big pharma destroy our children and enslave the whole of humanity? I pray you rally to the battle trumpet and throw your support into getting these leaflets onto the streets.

These are free! All you pay is the postage!



Templar Economic Review

There’s a perfect economic storm brewing. Inflation is on the rampage, as the vast amounts of ‘helicopter money’ dropped into the economy during the artificial Covid ‘crisis’ surge in to property and other assets, and the global elite’s insane ‘war on carbon’ strangles supplies of coal, oil and gas.

On top of that, the burden of unrepayable debt which crushed the economy in 2008 is now much heavier still, and the demographic winter now beginning to engulf the industrial world is further freezing up the future. It all points to a lurch into the most feared economic shambles of all: A lethal combination of inflation and stagnation – stagflation.

The soaring price of oil is adding to the squeeze on so many households and businesses. Brent crude, the international benchmark is at its highest price since 2014. It is only seven weeks since President Joe Biden announced a release of 50 million barrels of oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve, nearly eight percent of the total reserve and twice as much as had ever been released earlier. This caused a temporary dip in prices, but now all that extra oil has been used, prices are soaring again.

In Europe, the energy crunch is made even worse by the efforts of the US and EU elites to block the flow of gas from Russia. If all the sabre-rattling over NATO’s agreement-busting move into Ukraine leads to a serious escalation of the conflict in the Donbass region, then European natural gas prices could double or triple overnight.

With soaring prices for everything from steel and lumber to international shipping, it is clear that the inflation surge is only going to get very much worse. This means that your cash – whether it’s in a bank or under the mattress – is going to rot away.

What to do? Past experience is a valuable guide: Over every past time of galloping inflation, real estate, well-chosen stocks, gold, silver and rare industrial metals have beaten depreciating dollars and pounds hands down. More and more professional investors are also moving into Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

Others see the gathering economic storm and energy slump as deliberate destruction by the global elite, rather than the result of incompetence. These pessimists (realists?) believe that things are set to get so bad that tinned food, power generators and ammunition are survival aids as well as sound stores of value.

None of the hedges is perfect or without risk, but any combination of them is better than leaving your wealth in inflation-ravaged fiat currencies.

Our advice in a nutshell: Get out of cash!

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