Kiwi Citizens Initiate Arrest of Health Minister Andrew Little

Brett Power, a Taranaki Engineer, has initiated the arrest of Health Minister Andrew Little, the charge - culpable murder.

CounterspinMedia Published February 2, 2022

A 30 page Statement of Claim has been accepted by the high court, charge sheet has been drawn up and will be presented at the New Plymouth police station on Friday, February 4.

The police will be given then opportunity to make the arrest, if they fail to carry out their duty, a citizens arrest will be made in accordance with the New Zealand crimes act where a citizen requires no warrant to make an arrest if someone is known to have caused harm.

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temotumoa, 5 days ago. Thank you so much for your work. We feel validified, empowered, strong and right after watching your programs. Kia Kaha in action ♥ UnitedFreedomFront, 5 days ago THIS FRIDAY PLEASE ATTEND NEW PLYMOUTH POLICE STATION

Support Is Needed Its Time To Stand

4th February 2022 New Plymouth Police Station 11.30am


Kiwi Freedom Hunters NZ

Channel to share resources evidence and organise to serve legal documents and take down the criminal cabal in NZ.

WildColonialMan, 5 days ago Fraudulent safety data. Brilliant. So obvious, given that no long term testing has been done, like on ALL other Drugs. Fabulous man fabulous effort.

MariAKL09, 5 days ago This man has done more for Kiwi human rights then the actual Human Rights NZ group. Kia kaha to all the "ordinary Kiwis" out there standing up for us. I hope to be involved somewhere, somehow. Malo lava le galulue. Great work!

KurtMunroe, 5 days ago Arrest the lot do not stop there

Kaiaruna, 4 days ago Agree.. and we want to see it done too..

Cavinshakey, 5 days ago Needs sharing everywhere

Madmaxnz, 5 days ago Awesome Brother Hardcore Taranaki, may God be with you brother we are praying for you. David Paul :)

Cavinshakey, 5 days ago Need to do this all over New Zealand

pearlygates1973, 5 days ago Who is next? The Governor General who betrayed the whole country? Than jabcinda?

Rugnarldo, 4 days ago Please also educate the police that pfizer are repeat offender serial criminals with a massive history of fraud, bribery and corruption.

Rugnarldo, 4 days ago It is now totally obvious that ardern is in no way working for our peoples.

  • She must be arrested and cabinet disolved pending investigation.

  • NZ govt have been operating to enforce the agenda of unelected foreign corporate powers and is now known to be corrupted.

  • They forfeit their power due to fraud.

  • Jail ardern NOW. She is a known criminal.

nazarene10, 4 days ago AWESOME!! Go Brett, well done you. Thankyou from all of us.

Jonathanwalter, 5 days ago links please..their website and telegram channel...

KurtMunroe, 3 days ago End all this utter madness and put a arrest on all Fact Checkers on FB also and stop banning people from telling the truth , NZ is now becoming a communist country very quickly, BTW there are way more adverse effects not reported, or nothing to see bag, in NZ than you know about , way more. Jail Adhern for Treason.

Flakesfranco, 4 days ago Thank you!

Paul4Ripple, 4 days ago Great stuff 👍🏻 Awesome 👏🏻 Brett

IslamicStateWatchdotcom, 5 days ago This will be interesting!

IsabelAngel, 4 days ago Oh power to you Brett and all Kiwis.

Myself included in gulag South Australia.

paulasharrock, 4 days ago good man, see ya there 12noon

Kaiaruna, 4 days ago We're standing with you all.. Live Stream please.. we'd love to be a part of this.. Arrest them all please

Jimbo299, 5 days ago How do we find you on Telegram?

GlobalFreedomConvoy, 5 days ago Giving the police the opportunity to arrest him first gives them the opportunity to help him get away.

Esthalia, 3 days ago What about Jacinda? She is leading this country for a quick bankruptcy, following all the World Economic Forum agenda . Mandating teenagers and children to have the jab , otherwise they get penalised by not being able to participate of sports and extra curricular activities, or fining business for allowing someone unvaxxed to eat there... give me a break if this isn't enough of a/some crime (s)!!

Wishiknow, 3 days ago Great news let main stream media know be great see what they do

JoeyRamone, 5 days ago Comedy show


Rcanoe, 2 days ago This is a good video explaining this "pandemic" there is and there was no virus. C19 is an oxidative stress caused by graphene poisoning (in flu vaccines, in masks, tests and now in C19 vaxes) plus regular flu. of course, additionally 5G can also induce oxidative stress. This is why Zinc, Quercetin, Vitamin C, NAC and Ivermectin work (Iver is Zinc ionophore and Zinc prevents replication of the virus and prevents OXIDATIVE STRESS)

Hazyhatespoliticians, 3 days ago Way to go Brett I'm with you.

CATLYNNBRYANT, 3 days ago Praying!

Rugnarldo, 4 days ago Tvnz Malloy =publicis groupe exec.

  • Publicis groupe=wef.

  • Please expose.



Garpazo, 1 day ago Go, Kiwis, go. The world is with you.

Advocate2022, 1 day ago Fantastic, with similar actions to occur in Australia

KATE159, 2 days ago Good job New Z!

Jakeman4eva, 3 days ago

any updates?

CliveRobbo, 1 day ago Any follow up news pending??

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