John Campbell explores the conflicting guidance given to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

How should pregnant and breastfeeding women be treated as part of the mass mRNA experiment?

A very clear explanation of the very unclear advice given by the UK public health authorities by Dr John Campbell.

The risks for pregnant and breastfeeding women posed by the COVID-19 mRNA injectable product.

It doesn’t need further commentary from me. Just watch his video, uploaded here, just in case the YouTube Ministry of Truth decide to take further action against him!

Then decide for yourself, would you really inject this complete “unknown” into your body if you were hoping to get pregnant, already were, or were breastfeeding your newborn?

What would you think of those who encouraged you to do so? Most likely, the same people that tell you not to drink heavily, smoke or soft, mould-ripened cheeses, such is the level we are currently at in terms of cognitive dissonance in Camp Delusion.

What concerns might you have that the public health authorities can’t even get their story straight?

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