Japanese Medical Association Urges: It’s Time to Greenlight Doctors to Prescribe Ivermectin

The Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association held an emergency press conference on 13 August 2021. The chairman, Dr. Haruo Ozaki, declared that ivermectin has demonstrated significant benefits in reducing Covid infections and deaths. He said, that while clinical trials were important, it was time to “greenlight” doctors to prescribe ivermectin in conjunction with giving patients informed consent.


Press Conference on Ivermectin

Watch the Video HERE

Press release 13 August 2021: Dr. Haruo Ozaki, Chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association

Watch the Video HERE

A comment on Reddit sums up the Japanese attitude towards medicines:

Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao, Chairman of Yuakai and director of the Nagao Amagasaki Clinic, has also appealed to the Minister of Health and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to immediately promote ivermectin to the public and to make ivermectin widely available so it can be used by those with early coronavirus symptoms.

Watch a Video of Dr. Kazuhiro Nago HERE

Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao Chairman of the medical company, Yuwakai, and Head of the Nagao Amagasaki Clinic


It seems Japan is not bowing to the information blackout and censorship that is suppressing ivermectin in many countries. And, considering Japan’s reputation for safety, caution and efficiency, will Japan be the first world power to break ranks and lead towards an ivermectin future? A future which focuses on cures rather than gene-based injections?

For more information and resources on ivermectin visit the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group (“BIRD Group”) whose website can be found by following this LINK.

The story of ivermectin, the “Wonder drug” from Japan

There are few drugs that can lay claim to the title of ‘Wonder drug’. Penicillin and aspirin are two that have perhaps had greatest beneficial impact on the health and wellbeing of mankind. But, ivermectin can also be considered a “Wonder drug” based on its versatility, safety and the beneficial impact that it has had, and continues to have, worldwide.

Satoshi Ōmura, a Japanese researcher and expert in soil microbes at Kitasato University, cultured bacteria which produced substances that inhibited the growth of other microorganisms. In 1978 he succeeded in culturing a strain from which William Campbell purified a substance, avermectin. Avermectin in a chemically modified form is ivermectin. Since then, ivermectin has had an immeasurably beneficial impact in improving the lives and welfare of billions of people throughout the world.

It was discovered to be ideal in combating two of the world’s most devastating and disfiguring diseases – Onchocerciasis and Lymphatic Filariasis – which plagued the world’s poor throughout the tropics for centuries. By 2011 it was being used as the sole tool to eliminate both diseases globally. It has also been used to successfully overcome several other human diseases and new uses for it are continually being found.

In 2014, Ōmura was awarded the Gairdner Global Health award for his role in the discovery and development of ivermectin. And in 2015, Campbell and Ōmura were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering avermectin, “the derivatives of which had radically lowered the incidence of River Blindness and Lymphatic Filariasis, as well as showing efficacy against an expanding number of other parasitic diseases.”

In 2017, ivermectin continued to surprise and exceed expectations. It was offering more and more promise to help improve global public health by treating a diverse range of diseases, with its unexpected potential as an antibacterial, antiviral and anti-cancer agent being particularly extraordinary.

Ivermectin has been for some time, and still is, on the World Health Organisation’s Model List of Essential Medicines. A list which contains the medications considered to be most effective and safe to meet the most important needs in a health system. WHO’s list is frequently used by countries to help develop their own local lists of essential medicines.

World Health Organisation’s Model List of Essential Medicines

Despite all this, two months ago, YouTube deleted Ōmura’s 2015 video discussing ivermectin.

On World Ivermectin Day, 24 July 2021, people of the world came together to celebrate ivermectin and “the end of Covid-19 with ivermectin.” On this day, Ōmura had a message for the world:

Watch Professor Satoshi Omura the discoverer of ivermectin HERE send his greetings from Japan on World Ivermectin Day, 24 July 2021

The suppression and censorship of ivermectin to favour the experimental Covid injections has been one of the crimes of the century.

As the BIRD Group says, “every day is World Ivermectin Day until the truth about the deliberate suppression of effective early and safe early treatments for Covid is revealed.”

Medical professionals are speaking out

Dr. Tess Lawrie, a world-class researcher and consultant to the World Health Organisation, co-founded the BIRD Group. Her biggest clients happen to be those who are involved in the suppression of repurposed drugs. She has decided to speak out in protest against the current medical establishment at considerable personal risk. Watch Dr. Lawrie’s latest interview HERE.

On 12-14 September 2021, medical professionals who have devoted the last year to finding a cure will be given an opportunity to discuss and explain their important findings at the International Covid Summit 2021. They will share stories of patients and treatments as well as important findings that will be instrumental in the future treatment of Covid patients

Ivermectin for Covid, or not, from around the world

This is by no means a complete list nor the latest news but rather an indication of the struggles and, in some cases, successes that medical professionals are experiencing in getting recognition for, and the wide distribution of, safe and effective Covid treatments.

Ivermectin is also sold under the brand names Heartgard, Sklice and Stromectol in the United States of America, Ivomec worldwide, Mectizan in Canada, Iver-DT in Nepal and Ivexterm in Mexico. In Southeast Asian countries, it is marketed under the trade name Scabo.

The formulation for rosacea treatment is sold under the brand name Soolantra

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