Italy testing social credit system


THE historic northern city of Bologna, Italy, will commence a government-sponsored pilot project rewarding environmental virtuous behaviour under a new ‘Smart Citizen Wallet’ scheme.

At a press conference, local city councillor and head of digital agenda and data, Massimo Bugani said: “In September, we will start with a pilot project for the city; at the centre is the virtuous citizen, the one who, for example, separates waste well or does not waste energy, or uses public transport and does not receive fines, or actively uses the Bologna Welcome Card. The municipality will assign such citizens a score as part of a reward system with economic benefits to individual users.”

He added: “A citizen’s carbon footprint (or lack thereof) will be central to earning digital points. The city’s focus in creating the system is to promote climate- friendly behaviour.”

Local officials in Bologna have insisted that the pilot scheme is currently voluntary but are hopeful for a strong participation from city residents.

Italian tech firm Privacy Network have criticised the legal, ethical, and societal impact of the pilot scheme by stating on their website: “These practices,if poorly developed or used, can lead to serious limitations on, and violations of, citizens’ rights and freedoms, as well as discriminatory practices, which are achieved through technological means, such as ‘social credit’ systems (or social scoring).”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will be pleased to see the Orwellian social credit system in Europe. In 2021, she stated: “Every time an app or

website asks us to create a new digital identity, or to easily log in via a big platform, we have no idea what happens with our data. That is why the Commission will propose a secure European e-identity. One that we trust, and that any citizen can use anywhere in Europe to do anything from paying taxes to renting bicycles.”

The ‘Chinafication’ of a surveillance Europe appears to be in place as the coercive dystopian pilot project in Italy is another example of the controlled phased plan by the World Economic Forum and bankers to make people compliant objects.

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