Italy Holds ‘March of the Vaccine Dead’ To Remember Those Killed By The COVID-19 Vaccine

Last weekend, a group numbering in the hundreds staged a mourning march in Parma, Italy to commemorate those who have died as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine. The marchers held up pictures of the dead as they moved in solemn procession through central Parma, chanting the names of those lost to the experimental vaccines.

This kind of vigil seems to be spreading across the world. On November 20th, relatives of the vaccine dead held a vigil in South Korea where they shaved their heads in mourning for their lost loved ones and begged for answers from government officials.

Some of the victims being remembered in the march have been documented on this website, such as Stefano Paternò, Sofia Benharira, Giulia Lucenti, and Traian Calancea.

As the number of dead and injured from the vaccine continues to rise, marches like this can only become more common as the public outpouring of grief continues.

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