IMPORTANT - Mark Sexton - Public Criminal Prosecution Update:

From Mark Sexton - 13/01/22 at 13.00 hours.

I’ve hand delivered 115 signed statements to a Detective Tobias Hussey at Hammersmith CID at 11.00 hours this morning.

Lois Bayliss and her team have done a fantastic and heroic job in getting these prepared.

103 statements are from those who have been vax damaged and from relatives of those who have sadly died.

12 statements are from identifiable NHS whistleblowers. Some of the evidence they’ve provided is deeply disturbing.

I’ve also provided the detective with the brilliant forensic report produced by Craig Paardekooper, detailing the vials and their levels of toxicity, his assertions and ours this proves pre-meditated murder. This information was made public by Wolfgang Wodarg in an interview with Reiner Fuellmich.

I’ve also stated that,

Dr Yeadon and Dr Bhakti are to be contacted immediately in order for them to provide their expert accounts and to discuss how best for the police to receive and document their substantial evidence. Not withstanding this the other credible experts must be contacted immediately.

This additional evidence proves the need to stop the vaccines without delay.

Demanding they close down all vaccine centres and seize all vials as evidence.

Further adding if the police fail to protect the public from harm the public will be forced to do this and it is proper and lawful to do so using,

“Section 3 of The criminal Law act 1967.”

It was made clear there are now a significant number of people across the country ready to close these centres if the police do not. I reiterated the public are demanding and expecting the police to do this straight away as did I.

He was advised many more statements are being obtained, but It’s suggested and only right the police now take these statements with this being a major criminal investigation.

It was demanded as a matter of urgency, for The Metropolitan Police to alert the public of the dangers of the vaccines. He stated he will be guided by his supervisors when he meets with them later this afternoon to discuss this further evidence. It was made clear the evidence is now so overwhelming they have no choice.

It is my assessment Hammersmith CID are overwhelmed and he confirmed there is a massive amount of information coming in and a huge amount of contact by email and phone. This was also confirmed by the Detective Sergeant in an email, last night, to Dr Stephen Frost. There are more officers now involved but not sure how many.

We keep the pressure on and ultimately with the amount of irrefutable evidence of harm, injury and death they have no excuses and must stop the vaccines. If they don’t, in law ,we can and we will.

Warmest regards.


Act 1967, Section 3.

(1)A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large.

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