If the Covid-19 vaccines work, then why are Covid-19 deaths 44 times higher than this time last year

And why are 75% of those deaths people who were vaccinated?


Covid-19 deaths fell to zero in Scotland at the start of July 2020, and they remained at this low rate except for the odd couple until October, at which point they began to steadily rise again. But the difference between July 2020 and now is that in July 2020 an experimental Covid-19 vaccine had not been rolled out to the vast majority of the country to allegedly protect them against the disease.

Which suggests what actually occurred during 2020 is what has naturally occurred every year in respect of respiratory viruses – seasonality.

The seasonal cycle of respiratory viral diseases has been widely recognised for thousands of years, as annual epidemics of the common cold and influenza disease hit the human population like clockwork in the winter season.

The two major contributing factors are the changes in environmental parameters and human behaviour. Studies have revealed the effect of temperature and humidity on respiratory virus stability and transmission rates. More recent research highlights the importance of the environmental factors, especially temperature and humidity, in modulating host intrinsic, innate, and adaptive immune responses to viral infections in the respiratory tract.

You would have thought that with both seasonality and the Covid-19 vaccines in use this time around that Covid-19 would currently be a thing of the past. Except it isn’t, as you can see from the graph below which shows Covid-19 deaths are actually rising in Scotland in the middle of Summer despite 80% of all people eligible to have the jab in Scotland having had at least one dose and 75% being fully vaccinated.

If the Covid-19 vaccines were working then surely you would expect the majority of those deaths to be the unvaccinated? Especially with it being the middle of Summer and seasonality being at play. But it isn’t.

Data taken from Public Health Scotland’s Covid-19 Statistical report shows that between the 29th December 2020 through to the 22nd July 2021 there had been 3,052 alleged Covid-19 deaths in which people were not vaccinated, 270 alleged Covid-19 deaths where people had had a single dose of the jab, and 140 deaths where people were fully vaccinated.

The data presented by Public Health Scotland obviously looks like the majority of deaths are people who were unvaccinated. But as we’ve exposed before, PHS have been very clever in the way they’ve presented the data in an attempt to hide the fact the majority of people allegedly dying of Covid were vaccinated, and this is because of the date range they have used for deaths.

PHS claim they use the date of 29th December 2020 because it accounts for “protection to develop after the first dose” due to this date being 21 days after the start of the vaccination programme. The deception here being how many doses of Covid-19 vaccines were actually administered by the 29th December.

By the 29th December 2020 Scotland had administered just 104,766 first doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, alongside 50 second doses, accounting for 1.9% of the total population.

As of the same date they were in the midst of an alleged second wave of Covid-19 and seeing significant numbers of deaths every day, with that wave of deaths just about to coincidentally increase alongside the number of vaccines administered.

The alleged wave of Covid-19 deaths peaked on the 27th January, a day which saw 92 alleged Covid-19 deaths. However there was an unusual spike in deaths. However there was an unusual spike in deaths on the 3rd Match in which 207 Covid-19 deaths were added to the statistics, in what we can assume was a backlog of data being added.

By the 27th January 2021, Scotland had only vaccinated 9% of the population, with 491,658 having had the first dose, and 6,783 people having had both doses. Yet as of this date the number of alleged Covid-19 deaths per day began to decline, except for the unusual spike on the 3rd March, but even by this date just 31% of the population had been vaccinated.

So as you can see Public Health Scotland have been able to manipulate the data on deaths in terms of vaccination status in favour of showing the vaccines are working by using these dates, because the majority of Covid-19 deaths occurred prior to just 9% of Scotland’s population receiving the vaccine.

Now that we’ve cleared that up we can work out how many people have died in recent weeks by subtracting the numbers from previous reports, from the numbers given in the most recent report and it shows that 75% of alleged Covid-19 deaths were people who were vaccinated, with just 1 of those deaths being a person who was partly vaccinated.

The most recent data which covers deaths up to the 29th July 2021 shows that 3,063 people have allegedly died of Covid-19 since the 29th December who were unvaccinated. This is an increase of 9 people on the previous week.

271 people have allegedly died of Covid-19 who had received 1 dose of a Covid-19 vaccine up to the 29th July, this is an increase of 1 on the previous week.

And 172 people have allegedly died of Covid-19 who were fully vaccinated. This is an increase of 32 on the previous week.

Therefore 33 out of the 44 deaths seen between the 22nd July and 29th July 2021 were people who were vaccinated, yet during the same time frame in 2020 not a single Covid-19 death was recorded in Scotland despite there not being a vaccine.

Take from that what you will, but to have a surge in respiratory virus deaths in the middle of Summer is extremely unusual. Therefore, it looks as if we are seeing the early signs of antibody-dependent enhancement, and what is going to be a painful winter for many.

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