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How to deal with the system’s ever-evolving threats


Build new communities rather than getting others to ‘wake up’

EVERYBODY reacts differently to disillusionment and betrayal.

Faced with the prospect of everything that had previously been held true being suddenly yanked away from them, human reactions can be quite varied if, broadly speaking, predictable.

In the long run, the majority simply adapt to the new reality and tell themselves whatever comforting lies they need to, in order to keep on functioning.

Others simply cannot accept that they have been compelled by their own government to give up their economic, political and bodily autonomy and so, instead, become aggressive defenders of the ‘new normal’ and the institutions that impose it.

Besides these two groups, a sizeable minority hold fast to the principle of truth, in spite of the many pressures put upon them and the social and economic penalties they incur for doing so.

However, prior to the Covid-19 coup, even many within what has become ‘the truth movement’ did not realise quite how far gone most people who fall into the other two broad groups really were.

I really believed that the majority of people would surely ‘wake up’ if their own economic interests or fundamental liberties were ever directly threatened, even if they wouldn’t take any serious action to protect the rights and interests of others.

Yet we have seen that this is not the case. In fact, most people will not only accept increasing infringements on their rights and economic prosperity by various government agencies, but will actually defend those imposing them, whilst blindly attacking and mocking anyone who tries to rally them in defence of their own most basic interests.

To sum up: an international clique of financiers and technocrats has, for whatever reason, decided that now is the right moment to launch a worldwide coup against the rest of mankind.

In the process, this group of powerful conspirators has also understood that the majority of our fellow citizens, including and especially doctors, police, politicians, teachers, councillors, and other so-called professionals, will not only go along with this brutal assault upon our freedoms, our children’s futures, our prosperity, and our health, but will enthusiastically cheer it on as well.

Effectively, we find ourselves cast adrift within our own nations, unable to depend upon the core institutions that are supposed to protect and serve us. At the same time, we now know that large numbers of the people around us will turn, in an instant, into loyal government enforcers and snitches if the propaganda machine instructs them to, while the rest will do nothing meaningful to stop or oppose them.

It becomes far easier to understand how millions of seemingly normal people allowed themselves to be thrown into the meat-grinder during various wars for bankers’ interests, or were even persuaded to massacre their friends and neighbours over cultural or religious differences in the past – especially given the fact that they had far less access to information than we do nowadays.

But the realisation of our true position should be an advantage to us, however depressing it might appear at first – after all, the truth is the truth, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient.

After the initial shock has passed - and this can take some time to truly process - we can actually derive a lot of strength from this new-found knowledge of where we really stand in relation to our government and fellow citizens.

Knowing that we are a distinct community whose mindset is completely alien to most of the surrounding population, we need to start to change the entire way we view and interact with the world, as well as how we plan for the future.

While we should, of course, continue to forge effective political power and counter the lies of the state for our cause, as well as forming alliances of convenience with various other groups that share at least some of our goals and interests, I nonetheless believe that we have seen that the ‘mass awakening’ approach simply doesn’t work, given the state of the population in general and the hypnotic power the mass media is still able to wield over many people.

This realisation potentially allows us to free up significant time and energy which was previously spent attempting to awaken others to the truth, when their minds were already stubbornly ‘made up’, in line with the mainstream narrative and government propaganda.

This is time and energy which we can now use to start building various economic enterprises, communities, and resources for ourselves. By pooling the skills, knowledge, and finances we have available on our side, we can - to a certain extent - insulate ourselves against many of the ruler- manufactured crises that are likely to hit the sleeping majority like a bolt out of the blue in the coming months and years.

The resources we could generate by taking such an approach could then be used to slowly convert people when they are actually ready to hear our message - and more and more will be, as the overall situation continues to deteriorate, and we are proved right by events.

We can also begin to use some of the capital and networks we are creating to field effective political candidates who can advocate for our interests, divert resources to our community and safeguard our rights on a local level, to the extent that this is still possible in our corrupt and rotten system. Councils and parliament still make all the decisions, even if not their own.

Perhaps we wrongly believed we were engaged in the final battle for our rights during the height of the Covid-19 coup.

It turns out this was just part of a much wider war – a war for sanity and freedom and truth; a war in which it appears increasingly likely that many of our fellow citizens will unfortunately choose to side with those who are trying to extinguish all of those things forever.


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