How the world was conned

Review of the film The Viral Delusion

WATCHING this documentary, I wondered if the true story of covid-19 will ever supersede the official narrative.

Directed by Mike Wallach, The Viral Delusion explains how the purportedly novel coronavirus was generated, how it spread through pseudo-scientific testing and how it persuaded most of the world’s population to take a series of improperly tested injections. The vaccine cannot vaccinate against a disease diagnosed by a test unable to distinguish a virus that doesn’t exist.

The featured clinical experts, including psychiatrist, Andrew Kaufman, natural physician, Tom Cowan, AIDS researcher, Kevin Corbett and Kiwi doctor, Mark Bailey (husband of Sam, a popular medical myth-buster) have consistently argued that covid-19 is a scam. The authorities have tried to silence them but they have never been proved wrong in their assertions.

According to Kaufman, Cowan and many, SARS-CoV-2 is merely a genetic data sequence. The reported isolation of the virus entailed human nasal samples grown in a culture of monkey kidney cells. The antibiotics added to the mix killed cellular material, causing debris (exosomes). The outcome of this process, a computerised model of strands of RNA, did not need a virus at all.

The film briefly looks back at the origins of germ theory, fast-forwarding to the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, when Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health warned of a new plague.

However, the existence of the disease and its supposedly causative virus HIV was based on dubious evidence. The PCR test was deployed despite its inventor, Kary Mullis, warning against its use for diagnostic screening: with enough amplifications anything could be found. A vast AIDS industry emerged, abetted by mass media.

Officially, the covid-19 outbreak erupted from zoonotic transmission at a food market in Wuhan. As this city is also the site of gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses, many sceptics suspected a lab leak as the true cause (whether accidental or deliberate).

Cases were redefined from persons displaying symptoms to anybody testing positive on the manipulated 45-cycle PCR test. Exposure of the fraud, such as the Tanzanian president’s reporting positive PCR results in samples taken from goats, pawpaw fruit and motor oil was ignored or ridiculed.

Sick until proven healthy was the new doctrine. Government psychological campaigns convinced citizens that they were all potential silent spreaders of a deadly microbe.

Dreadful decisions were made by doctors and health administrators in their covid fugue. Ventilators were hurriedly manufactured to fulfil extra demand, but this apparatus was effectively an instrument of euthanasia, with few patients surviving the

ordeal of a machine taking over their breathing. Rather than a last gasp for the severely ill, some ambulant cases were immobilised, to reduce the risk of infecting others.

Destructive lockdowns and deprivations of liberty were imposed for a respiratory illness clinically indistinguishable from influenza.

When the average age of death in Italy was reported as 83, clearly vulnerable people were succumbing to pneumonia as always. The public was fooled into fearing a distinct syndrome, with the hallmark loss of taste and smell.

As I wrote in The Light (January 2022), many sceptics were prone to such persuasion, believing that any bad cold or flu they experienced in the last three years was covid-19. In this stupendous marketing success, first the flu was rebranded; then the ‘milder Omicron form’ replaced the common cold.

How was this elaborate hoax, with such devastating consequences, possible?

A frequent challenge to the clinicians featured in the film is the consensus against them. But most doctors know little about genomics, and any doubters were deterred by the sanctioning of dissidents by the medical establishment. Several of the film’s contributors have been censured and smeared, evicted from social media and their jobs, and their professional registrations threatened.

The vaccines were approved by regulators funded by Big Pharma, and promoted by the corporate media funded by the Gates Foundation. Doctors knew that the injections were experimental and hazardous, but went along with the regime. The UK paid £26 for each ‘vaccinated’ patient in a practice.

Jessica Rose, who warned in Cardiology about the risk of myocarditis, told the film that her article, written with Dr. Peter McCullough, was removed by the journal. The Hippocratic oath of ‘first do no harm’ has been abandoned.

The Viral Delusion is a compelling scientific counter-attack; lengthy at over two hours, but readily accessible in content and tone. This polished production is the first part of a series of correctives to the covid conspiracy and highly recommended.

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