Has the world won the war on Covid-19? Global virus deaths have plummeted 90% since February 2022

There were 9,400 fatalities from the virus last week, compared to more than 75,000 every seven days in early February. This is also the lowest level since Covid-19 started to take off in March 2020.

World Health Organization chiefs - who compiled the data - said in a press conference the data was a 'cause for optimism' and showed the world had 'come a long way'. But they insisted that the current fatalities tally was still '10,000 too many', and maintained that Covid-19 was 'still a pandemic'.

America is recording the most weekly Covid-19 deaths out of any nation at 2,000 every seven days on average, and the third-highest number of cases per week. But cases and death counts are massively skewed by the number of tests carried out.

Despite America's relatively high death count, virtually all Covid-19 restrictions have been abandoned in the US, with President Joe Biden declaring in September the pandemic was 'over'.


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