GPs Are QUITTING Because Of The Row Over Face-To-Face Appointments

 British Health Alliance March 16 2022

GPs are quitting because of the row over a lack of face-to-face appointments, MPs were told today.

Dr Andrew Green, a retired GP in Yorkshire, argued that doctors did a ‘fantastic job’ in moving to virtual appointments during the COVID pandemic.

But he accused the Government and NHS England of joining a ‘pile on’ that saw patients complain about being unable to see their doctor in person.

This was ‘distressing’ for GPs, lowered their self-esteem and effectively pushed them ‘away from the profession’, he told the Health and Social Care Committee.

Campaigners today criticised the ‘tiny minority’ of England’s 35,000 doctors who ‘want to keep patient contact to a minimum.

They said GPs ‘put off’ about patient demands for more face-to-face consultations ‘should reconsider their calling’.

Last October, Health Secretary Sajid Javid unveiled plans to ‘name and shame’ practices that failed to see a sufficient proportion of their patients in person.

The move led to the British Medical Association (BMA) balloting thousands of family doctors on whether they wanted to press ahead with industrial action.

[Well I don't know about your local practice, but my local GP surgery still triages and responds to all requests for an appointment with a GP with a telephone call 'appointment', often with a locum. If I'd wanted the guesstimate opinion of someone ill qualified, I would have phoned 111.

My practice still insist on mask wearing and social distancing - even to collect a prescription from the dispensary which is outside of the main practice. No Mask - No Medicine! Its high time these overpaid, over-indulged and rather selfish people were taken off their inflated self-esteem pedestals and made to do what a family doctor should do, see patients at the surgery]

"I have over 25 years experience working in the NHS and know the extent to which GP's, who are not actually NHS employees, but are self-employed private contractors, exploit the system. They get overly generous NHS funded pensions, they get tax exemptions and all the benefits of being self-employed whilst still giving the impression that they are part of the NHS staff family. They have had it too good for too long. its time for a radical overhaul of primary care medicine".

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