German State Health Officials storm school, Illegally Test terrified children for Coronavirus

Several children tried to plan an escape from the state health official and contemplated jumping out the windows.

In the German city of Aurich, state health officials carried out invasive and painful coronavirus tests on terrified 4th grade children in school without parental consent. The children who are students at the Waldorf School are now under house arrest for two weeks until test results are final.

9 and 10 year-old children were terrified and some crying hysterically. Health Department officials from the disease control unit dressed in full protective Hazmat gear stormed into the classroom and forced the traumatized children to undergo throat swab tests. Some children had at least four rounds of testing.

One parent reported that her child described people dressed in “astronaut suits”, entering the room and “sticking something down his throat very far three times”. Her son has been holding the lower “part of his neck and it still hurts him badly.”

Several children tried to plan an escape from the state health officials and contemplated jumping out the window. They said to each other, “Come on, let’s get out of here. Let’s just go out the window. Come on, let’s just take off really quick.”

Afterwards, when the disease control unit left the school, the school secretary called the parents and informed them they needed pick up their children. When parents arrived they were told their children had to be quarantined for two weeks and would not be allowed to leave the house. The secretary even banned a panicked parent who arrived at the school to get her child because she was not wearing her mask.

Parents picking up their perfectly healthy children were offered no details by the school. Parents were told they “had to ask the school administration, or ask the health department” about the forced testing that took place.

This incident illustrates the arbitrary regulations imposed by the German state. This case has caught the attention of several lawyers. One mother has already reported that “they have hired a lawyer to examine this matter, and will also take legal action against it.”

Per the German constitution, examinations on children must have parental consent, but the health department can now nullify this basic right to physical autonomy under Germany’s unconstitutional Infection Protection Act.

Furthermore, this act empowers the state to enter the homes of German families to conduct isolation inspections. If authorities do not deem the isolation measures sufficient, they are able to confiscate their children and place them in quarantine facilities.

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