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German Doctors and Lawyers Assess Blood Smears from People Who Have Had Covid Injections:

“For me this is euthanasia. For me this is mass murder, a crime on a grand scale”

"Dr. Bärbel Ghitalla "


MUST SEE VIDEO: Dr. Bärbel Ghitalla analysed the blood of people who have had Covid-19 injections to try to help her patients suffering from the aftereffects. Dr. Ghitalla also obtained a bottle of Johnson and Johnson’s Covid-19 injection for analysis.

Alarmed by what she saw through her microscope, she discussed her findings with a medical colleague, Dr. Axel Bolland, as well as two lawyers, Holger Fisheer and Elmar Becker

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The news from Germany was broken by Dr. Jane Ruby, on The Stew Peters Show

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A summary of Dr. Ruby’s main points are:

  • The blood smears of these “vaccinated” patients shows that red blood cells (“RBC”) have acquired a positive charge (instead of a negative one, which allows blood cells to repel others and stay single) permitting them to ‘stack’ one upon the other. This is typical of blood cancer. They are called ‘rouleaux’ formations. So, the injections are changing the electron charge to positive in the RBCs.

  • There are also coiled pieces present with a metallic sheen. They can easily be seen as they do not absorb light as RBCs do.

  • The German doctors and lawyers in the video think it represents the beginning of thrombotic activity. The level of rouleaux formations in these blood samples is ‘severe’. We’re looking at severe RBC damage.

  • From the Johnson and Johnson vaccine vial she obtained (it has a lot number and expiration date), samples show rigid structures/lines with tiny white dots in between.

  • The German lawyers said there is a gross lack of informed consent.

Blood Smears from the UK

At the beginning of July, Dr. Philippe van Welbergen, Medical Director of Biomedical Clinics, was interviewed on a South African community channel. [Watch Video -5 mins in from Start].

He explained that when his patients started complaining about chronic fatigue, dizziness, memory issues, even sometimes paralysis and late onset of heavy menstruation (women in their 60s upwards), he took blood samples. Their blood had unusual tube-like structures, some particles which lit up and many damaged cells. Few healthy cells were visible. Until three months earlier, he had never seen these formations in blood.

At a medical conference in The Netherlands, he found similar blood was being discussed; some blood samples even showed blue and red cells, which were not organic matter. “Linking the dots, we found they had all had the Covid ‘vaccine’,” Dr van Welbergen said.

Image 1: Healthy blood shows cells able to move around separately; they have good motility and will not cause thrombosis

Image 2: “These strands or tubes appear to be hollow – it’s really odd. When you really expand it, you can see some cells in it but we don’t know if it’s a crystalline structure or organic. The few healthy cells are circled. The rest are cracked and fractured – they’re finished. That’s not healthy blood. We see it again and again,” Dr. van Welbergen

(Pictures courtesy of Heart Publications)

Dr van Welbergen’s interview is two and a half hours long, however, Dr. Ruby briefly explained what Dr. van Welbergen discovered, watch HERE.

Blood smears from Switzerland

Covid “vaccination” causes instant clotting at the microscopic level, said Armin Koroknay, the effect in a person’s blood is most severe after the second injection.

Most of the video above is in English but some parts are in French. A reddit user has helpfully translated some of the French portions into English.

“The introduction says:

Researchers use a specific technology (fluorescence) that allows the observation of red and white cells under a microscope. The first picture with a blue background that you see is that of the red cells of a healthy patients. Experts asked themselves, “does the blood look different before and after vaccination?”

“At 48s, the picture you can see is: on the left, the blood of an unvaccinated individual; and, on the right, the blood of a vaccinated individual.

“At 3mins 45s, it says blood observations made so far on a statistically significant enough number of patients show that vaccination results in: a lower level of white cells; grouping of red cells; and, excessive coagulation.

“At 4mins 33s a radiologist speaks about what he has observed: strokes typically occur within 1 – 3 months following mRNA injections; there will most certainly be long term consequences on lymphocytes and red cells, possibly leading to leukaemia and lymphomas. He says he gets lots of consultations these days for pulmonary embolism, blood clots, and other symptoms caused by excessive coagulation.”

Countless Warnings

There have been countless warnings, from many sources, from many countries, for many months about blood clots caused by the Covid injections. We too have been highlighting this life-threatening effect. A quick search on our website will bring up a list of numerous articles spanning several months. Some are, sadly, personal stories of people who have been vaccine-injured and some are articles about warnings from doctors and scientists that blood clots are a common effect of the Covid injections. Below is a small sample of our articles referring to blood clots resulting from the experimental gene-based Covid injections:

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