Fully Vaccinated Nebraska Man With Shoulder Injury Died in Hospital From Multi-Organ Failure

A fully vaccinated Nebraska man who, based on photos, was overweight has died from an “asymptomatic Covid-19 infection”, according to mainstream media reports.


Doctors have refused to link the Covid-19 vaccine to the man’s sudden death.

Mark McConnaughey had reportedly suffered a shoulder injury that required emergency care, however, at the time all of the hospitals in Nebraska were “full.” After 23 calls to different hospitals, McConnaughey was sent to Iowa for treatment, where he later died.

The mainstream media has made it sound as though all hospitals in Nebraska are full due to sick “unvaccinated” people taking up all of the beds. Local ABC News affiliate KETV based in Omaha is an example of one such news outlet that failed to clarify in its reporting that the opposite is more than likely true.

Like McConnaughey, it is likely that there are many other “fully vaccinated” people in Nebraska who are in ICU beds, thus leaving more room for anybody else to receive treatment. As a result, those suffering from other illnesses or injuries that have not resulted from the vaccine might not get admitted to hospital.

McConnaughey was reported to have developed a “severe shoulder injury” after receiving the vaccine that only “got worse.” After being transferred to Des Moines, doctors concluded thatthe man had an “asymptomatic Covid-19 infection.”

Dr Mike Zaruba, a long-time friend of McConnaughey and board-certified physician said: “That triggered an inflammatory response through his body that caused multi-organ failure.”

When speaking about how he was unsuccessful in finding McConnaughey an ICU bed in Nebraska, Zaruba said: “At best count, we called 23 different hospitals.”

Just 18 hours after McConnaughey was transferred to Iowa for treatment, he died from his injuries, which are likely linked to the Covid-19 vaccine Despite this, Dr Zaruba failed to connect the dots as to the true cause of his death.

Instead of considering that the jab may be to blame for McConnaughey’s death, Zaruba blamed full hospitals as being responsible.

“I, never as a physician, thought we’d be transferring our patients out of state, Zaruba said. “That we wouldn’t be able o take care of our own Nebraskans.”

Whilst doctors blame McConaughey’s death on an “asymptomatic Covid-19 infection”, the man was never actually tested for the virus. Of course, they can’t link the vaccine to the death as this would completely go against the current mainstream narrative that jabs are the saviours of the pandemic.

After McConnaughey’s death, Nebraskan hospitals supposedly started limiting access to certain non-emergency surgeries. Additionally, the state is also reopening a hospital patient transfer centre that says it will help to find more available beds while better managing hospital capacity issues.

Zaruba said: “These cases have been wake-up calls to take more direct movement to take pressure off our hospitals.”

Dr Zaruba’s advice to Nebraskans is to get the vaccine and always wear a mask, saying that this will “cure” the pandemic”, and ensure that all “fully vaccinated” people will have access to a hospital bed once their vaccine-induced injuries begin to take effect.

“I am not a big believer in mandates, but I am a big believer in doing what’s right,” Zaruba said.

“Help our hospital systems, help our nurses, help our staff so we don’t have to call 23 hospitals when it’s your loved one that’s in the ER that we’re trying to find a bed for.”

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