French farmers spray manure all over President Emmanuel Macron’s residence -

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, recently announced the introduction of a two-tier society in France in which he is attempting to remove the rights of people who refuse to partake in the largest experiment ever conducted on humanity.

However, from the moment he announced his plans the French have been in uproar and have taken to the street to air their disgust at the tyrannical plans.

On Saturday the 24th July over 170 separate protests took place throughout France against Macron’s measures, some of which are as follows –

  • All children over the age of 12 must get the Covid-19 vaccine, otherwise they will no longer be permitted to attend school, and it is illegal for them to be home-schooled.

  • All carers and health staff must get the Covid-19 vaccine otherwise they may face sanctions, fines, and the possible loss of their jobs.

  • All people must get the Covid-19 vaccine, otherwise they will not be permitted to take the train, enter a shop, cafe, restaurant, bar, or any public spaces in general.

  • A health pass will be introduced in the form of a QR code of certificate proving the holders Covid-19 status, and will be used as a form of entry into public spaces. The new health pass will prove whether the holder has been fully vaccinated recently recovered from Covid-19, or had a negative test result. However, the PCR tests will no longer be free of charge from the autumn, unless they are obtained with a prescription.

Some farmers in France were so disgusted with Macron’s new measures that they have taken their tractors to his residence and sprayed the building with thousands of gallons of manure, you can see the footage in the video below.

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