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Freedom Convoy: Protests over mandatory vaccinations for drivers in Canada and the USA


Trucker convoy: East-coast leg of protest against vaccine mandate leaves Maritimes

A trucker convoy set out from Enfield, N.S. on Thursday morning, rumbling west on its way to Ottawa for a protest this weekend against the government’s vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers.

Organizers say they want to deliver a message to government: stop all mandates.

US truckers have joined their Canadian brethren in a 'Freedom Convoy' across Canada that has stretched to 45 miles long as the big rigs head to Ottawa to protest the country's vaccine mandates

Truckers left from British Columbia on Sunday and will be met in the nation's capital on Saturday by other protesters driving from the east and the south of the country

'It's 70 kilometers long,' Benjamin Dichter, a spokesman for the Freedom Convoy 2022, told the Toronto Sun, referring to the convoy after it passed Calgary heading west on Wednesday.

The trucker convoy has met with an outpouring of support from Canadians.

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