Freedom Alliance Party statement on the new booster programmes and the ending of covid rules

By Jonathan Tilt on Feb 22, 2022 06:56 pm

Freedom Alliance welcomes the announcement by the Government on Monday that all covid restrictions in England will end this week, and that covid will from now on be treated in the same way as other transmissible illnesses, such as flu.

We hope that disastrous lockdown measures, the removal of civil liberties, and the resultant devastation to lives and livelihoods will never be repeated.

However, we were very disturbed to learn that over 75s, older care home residents, and over 12s who are immunosuppressed will receive an additional covid booster jab starting in the spring, and there may also be an autumn booster programme for over 50s. This follows the announcement that 5 to 11 year olds will be given the vaccine from April.

None of the covid vaccines currently used in the UK is licensed, and all have been granted Emergency Use Authorisation only. Given that there is no longer any emergency, as is borne out by the Government’s axing of the covid rules, there can be no justification for the continued rollout of these experimental jabs.

The covid jabs are not vaccines in the accepted sense. They do not prevent infection or transmission. They do not contain attenuated or inactivated virus particles, but instead utilise experimental gene-based technology. They would be more accurately described as gene therapy treatments.

There are no medium or long-term safety data, and the short-term data gathered through the Yellow Card scheme are very alarming. In little more than a year, there have been nearly 1.5 million reports of adverse events, and more than 2,000 fatalities.

These figures far exceed the number of side effects and deaths reported to Yellow Card for any other vaccine.

It is the position of the Freedom Alliance party that Emergency Use Authorisation for the covid vaccines is not valid or justified, particularly in light of the Government’s own acknowledgement of the need to “learn to live with covid”, in the way that we live with other respiratory viruses.

We are calling for an immediate halt to the covid vaccine rollout, to allow a comprehensive, independent investigation into the safety of the jabs to be carried out.

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