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‘Footballers are no longer being asked to have vaccines.

The Light interviews football legend and outspoken truth-teller Matt Le Tissier

Are you getting private support from others in football who agree but don’t want to speak out?

Yes absolutely. I got a letter together to get a meeting with the FA and PFA regarding vaccines for footballers and the amount of players that were collapsing on the field last year. When I rang around my contacts,

I spoke to about 90 ex-players, and I think only two didn’t want to put their names to a letter calling for an investigation. So people are aware of it, they will sign letters, but whether they are prepared to speak out in public is a different thing.

It seems to have calmed down – we’ve just had the World Cup and there were no collapses?

I sent stuff to the FA doctor whenever people collapsed on the pitch, investigations were taking place, or scientific papers regarding myocarditis in young men were released – and the last time I sent one, I was told that the footballers are no longer being asked to have vaccines.

That may be one of the reasons why it’s calmed down a bit – they’ve stopped taking them. Although I had lunch with a former team-mate of mine, who confided in me that he’d had the booster and has since been suffering with heart problems.

So it’s hard because there are still people taking them, and they obviously don’t realise the risks involved, and it’s sad.

But there was no big announcement from the Premier League clubs, because that would end it, wouldn’t it?

Yes, it was all done very quietly. I didn’t know until the FA doctor told me about it two weeks ago; it came as a surprise to me. I don’t know how long that’s been in place for. I played golf with a couple of Premier League players last summer, and they said it was probably about 50/50 in their squad who were vaccinated or not.

You could see when the clubs went on pre-season tours, the ones that had ‘niggling injuries’ were the ones who couldn’t get into the country because they hadn’t had it, so they had to stay at home.

Couldn’t people say you’re in a position to speak out because you’ve retired, you’ve got your life set, not relying on pundit income etc…?

To be honest, I’m not set for life – I have to work. I still have a mortgage and a lot of outgoings every month, so I still have to have work.

But I knew the risks of speaking out, and I lost my job at Sky. That was a scary time, because I didn’t know where the money was going to come from. I wasn’t in a position where I could say ‘I’m rich enough, and I can say what I want’. I still had sacrifices to make, and I knew what could happen by speaking out, and I still chose to anyway because I believe it’s right, and things have worked out.

I have picked up other work, and managed to keep going and pay all my bills, and I believe that’s a bit of karma. I did the right thing, and got rewarded for good actions and good deeds – that’s something I’m quite at peace with.

Was it the Covid-19 scam that woke you up?

I’ve always tried to have my own thoughts on things, and not be manipulated into thinking in a certain way.

The first thing I can think of is probably 9/11, where nothing made sense. Just little

things that happened that made you go ‘hang on a minute!’ One of the things was the conveniently found passport of one of the terrorists. I went ‘that whole building’s collapsed, and they found a passport in the debris that just happens to be from the bloke on the plane!’ Then you have architects and engineers’ testimonies who say ‘that can’t happen’, and all of it is being suppressed.

Then Covid-19 came along, and I started looking into it, and saw some credible people who said ‘this has been planned for a long time, and this is what’s coming next– we’re going to have mandatory vaccinations and digital passports’. You watch it all play out and that should make you very suspicious.

Terrain theory or germ theory?

Something I hadn’t heard of until about a year ago, but I’ve asked that question to a couple of doctors who I’ve had on the podcast. There are more and more doctors now who are questioning the germ theory, and thinking what they’ve been taught isn’t quite right. Dr Tess Lawrie was very open, and said she was going to look into this more because of what’s gone on in the last two years.

You have to question everything you’ve been taught, and re-evaluate it with a different set of eyes.

Are any vaccines safe or effective?

Last time I had a flu vaccine was about 25 years ago. It made me quite ill for a couple of weeks, and so I haven’t had another one, or the flu, ever since.

I’ve seen some interesting graphs which pointed out that a lot of the diseases that vaccines are claimed to have successfully cured were actually reducing anyway, because of clean water and better sanitation etc., and the vaccines were only brought in late on and didn’t change any trajectory. I’m not qualified to say whether any are safe or effective, but I would need more evidence now to believe they were.

Then you start looking into scientific research and who funds it - the pharmaceutical industries who are some of the most corrupt organisations in the world. If you look at how many times they’ve been fined criminally, and the amount they’ve been fined for the unethical things they’ve done - I no longer trust the pharma industry and scientists who are funded by them.

I’m completely confident that they won’t get their chip implants, and I don’t think they’re even going to get to cashless, because we’re going to fight so hard against it.

I think they’ll definitely try to implement a cashless society, hoping people won’t see what that is and what that leads to.

It’s not difficult to imagine what goes on after you don’t have any cash. When you have CBDC, they can turn your money off. So it’s far more dangerous, and when they take away cash as an option, that’s when you’re in serious trouble.

I’ve learned that everything that happens, they need your consent to do it, so they’re very sneaky about it. That’s why mass noncompliance is the way forward, because if you don’t comply, they then have to resort to illegal measures, and that’s when we win, because that wakes everyone up.

What do you think our best hope is?

Keep pounding away and keep making people aware of what governments are trying to do to us – when people realise just how bad these things are they’re trying to implement, and how much control they will have over us, then I think it only stops when enough people realise. I don’t think there’s anything legally that can happen, they seem to have got all that stitched up.

But if enough people just don’t comply, mass peaceful noncompliance, that would make the biggest difference. Once you don’t allow these people to implement their laws on you, you take their power away from them.

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