Following the science?

WE are told repeatedly that the government are ‘following the science’ when it comes to the draconian and discriminatory policies now in effect across all of the United Kingdom.

However, it seems only some of the science is being followed, and only some of the scientists are being listened to.

Anyone who suggests anything other than the mass ‘vaccination’ programme is ignored, silenced, lambasted and labelled as ‘anti-vax’ - a description that could not have been more poorly chosen when it comes to the three scientists pictured here, all repeatedly outspoken against the covid ‘vaccines’.

They represent just a tiny fraction of scientists, researchers, clinicians, doctors, nurses and other well-credentialled professionals (see Great Barrington Declaration) that are effectively ‘cancelled’ by the corporate machine which controls both the pharmaceutical industry and the corporate media, including Big Tech platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The latter took down Joe Rogan’s interview with acclaimed cardiac surgeon Dr Peter McCullough in December, calling it ‘medical misinformation’.

Ask yourself why you never see debates between pro- and anti-mass vaccination doctors. Is the science really settled?

Further, ask yourself why they need sports stars and celebrities to push the progamme.

To consider the other possibilities:

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