Fear and Ignorance — Not the Virus and Unvaxxed — Are the Real Enemies in This Pandemic

Defenders of vaccination insist that indisputable, objective medical facts have determined the approach to the pandemic. Their dogmatic arguments are based on the false assumption that COVID is an enemy to be eradicated, and the vaccine is the singular weapon of choice.

Curing illness and preventing death have been the focus of most medical systems throughout recorded history. Symptoms, and their underlying causes, have dominated debates and research about disease.

For hundreds of years in western medical science, the central paradigm for developing therapies has rested on the supposition that each malady is the result of a single dangerous invasive element. Fundamental treatment usually involves dispelling a contaminant from the patient.

Poor health is presumed to have a foundational cause — the body is violated by something with destructive intent and force.

There are many advances in technological medicine that have saved lives. Medical science has made incredible progress in the repair and replacement of organs and limbs.

The evolution of micro-surgery represents the cutting edge of engineering. New therapies have made previously deadly cancers treatable.

Yet despite insightful developments in biology and genetics, the incredibly complex natural processes of the human body remain far from fully understood.

A static view is usually applied to disease — it is deemed something that must be eradicated. The remedies of choice are poisonous concoctions used to suppress symptoms or overwhelm pathogens.

Although new treatments and drugs have been developed, essentially the approach to health has not changed. That’s because the basic underlying philosophy and perspective of medical research and practice have not evolved along with technology.

New techniques, old habits

Without deeper knowledge of what sustains good health, evaluations of maladies are dominated by tests and statistics, and extremis of illness is assessed by need for hospitalization or risk of death.

In place of a sophisticated, philosophical approach, current medical practice maintains a false veil of modernity.

Failures in treatment reveal how most diseases continue to be framed as a corporal encroachment.

Bloodletting was a common practice for millennia through the late 19th century, applied for many maladies. The belief that the human body required purging from detrimental substances was the central guiding principle.

The need to expel deleterious parts or pathogens from the body continues to drive most therapies today.

Medical science hasn’t begun to understand the power of natural disease immunity. The ability of the endocrine and nervous systems to seamlessly integrate in maximizing vitality, even in the face of increasing challenges, is phenomenal.

The precarious belief that we have reached an apex of understanding the human body has engendered other false assumptions, including that medicine can improve biology with powerful disruptive drugs, including vaccines.

The concept of vaccination is relatively new. Claims of accomplishments contradict statistics, while conjecture regarding practicality and safety are presented with finality.

Epidemics arise where the benefits of a vaccine might outweigh its risks. Until more enlightened solutions are developed, their application should be openly debated, and then used with great caution.

There are legitimate concerns about what vaccines can be safely injected into a child or adult in the name of preventing illness. The hazards, particularly with additives and contaminants, have resulted in the recall of some vaccines.

Until generational studies can be done, including the effects on fertility, no one can make any claim about long-term safety.

The supposedly cutting-edge mRNA vaccine, developed from a growing understanding of the human genome, is designed and described as something that teaches cells how to fight off the virus.

The application conforms with the archaic arsenal of medical science — it is a weapon used against an opponent that must be conquered.

Vaccination therapy assumes the human body needs training to best defend itself. Following the logic of this highly questionable notion, in this current conflict the enemy appears to have found ways to camouflage and evolve.

If the pandemic is seen as a war, the use of vaccines could lead to many casualties and disastrous collateral damage.

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