Fake NHS Covid Vaccine Certificates Offered For £200 On Telegram Anti-Vaccine Groups

Exclusive: Counterfeit NHS vaccine certificates are being offered for sale through an encrypted messaging app, PoliticsHome has learned.

By John Johnston@johnjohnstonmi 13 August

Under the current system, anyone who has received both jabs in the UK can obtain an NHS Covid Pass through the NHS app, allowing them to prove their vaccination status when travelling or accessing certain events and venues in England. There has been backlash to the system from anti-vaccination groups.

Analysis by PoliticsHome found multiple Telegram groups, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, allegedly offering fraudulent Covid vaccine certificates for sale. One Telegram group claiming to sell the certificates had more than half a million subscribers.

After posing as an interested buyer, we were offered fake Covid vaccine certificates for £200-per-person by one administrator of the largest group identified. They claimed they had NHS staff willing to alter medical records to ensure the certificates could be used for work or international travel.

The group we contacted has since been deleted. At least one further group we identified has also since been deleted.

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