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Exposing the truth about Covid 19 by following the science

This lengthy article represents the views of an increasing number of scientists and doctors around the world who have studied the phenomenon since the outset and have an opposing view of the origins of the virus, the wisdom of the handling of the pandemic, and the safety of the vaccines.

I am a UK-based healthcare worker with many years’ experience, with a wide interest in both conventional and complementary approaches to health. I choose to be anonymous because I believe that whistleblowing this subject may lead to serious consequences for myself and hence my family’s wellbeing.

I also believe in freedom of information, freedom of choice and open debate. I am against censorship and state imposition of propaganda. I am against lying to the people and malfeasance within the health care industry.

I am not important to this message. (I will tell you when I present my own opinion). I present only facts, based upon the readily available reliable research in this field; and most importantly, the current consensus of tens of thousands of doctors and scientists around the world, including some of the most eminent scientists in the field of virology, molecular biology, immunology, respiratory science, cardiology, vaccine development, pandemic response, pharmaceutical development, medicines authorization and control.

SARS-Cov-2 is the virus that causes the disease Covid-19. It is a man-made respiratory pathogen, deliberately created from SARS coronavirus, spliced with a Spike Protein to enable it to infect people. Recent studies have shown that the virus has been manipulated using standard lab gene insertions that are common in gain of function lab work, but which are never found in nature! Without the man-made spike protein, this virus would likely not be harmful to humans.

Funding for the development of this weaponised virus is based in the US under the guidance of Anthony Fauci (the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the chief medical advisor to the president) with his full knowledge. The has controlled US medicine for decades and been responsible for the suffering and deaths of untold numbers of innocent victims.

The Virus is treatable with numerous therapeutic and dietary agents which have been available from the outset, and yet these agents have been either downplayed or outlawed for therapeutic use, whilst millions have suffered and died from this treatable illness by being denied both the therapies and the knowledge of the therapies, and over-the-counter preventative and therapeutic approaches that could have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Covid is lethal to many. But those who are vulnerable to serious danger and death accounts for less than 1% of the population, whilst for the vast majority of people this virus is equivalent to a seasonal flu-like virus, and decreasingly less serious the younger you are.

Given the above, there are inherent aspects of this virus – due to its man-made nature – that present specific dangers beyond natural flu like illnesses. Essentially, this is due to the spike proteinwhich is toxic in itself - and responsible for many of the ‘anomalous’ aspects of this virus, such as cardiac issues, blood clots, neurological effects (and therefore possibly the syndrome known as ‘Long Covid’ – my opinion here).

Those who are vulnerable to serious consequences of Covid can be protected and treated effectively in the overwhelming majority of cases without the need for national lockdowns and the disruption to society and economies that we have endured.

The hospitals and healthcare industry are equipped to cope with the pandemic.

Society is equipped to cope with the pandemic.

The vaccines were never necessary to solve the problems that existed, because they should never have existed in the first place.

The first casualty of war is the truth. In this case, the world has united in a single approach to the crisis, wherein governments have largely endorsed a single viewpoint and countermeasure – vaccination – in a war against a virus. In doing so, they have allowed those involved in creating the virus to police the response and the available information.

They have imposed strict censorship of any view that contradicts the agreed ‘truth’. Those that created the virus, or supported its development financially, such as the CDC, Google, Bill Gates etc. through their political pawns and media outlets, are policing available information to eradicate access to and discussion of ongoing scientific research and the experiences of health experts around the world. Their voices are essentially banned in the newspapers and tv media services.

Involved in the response to the virus are teams of behavioural psychologists and psychology scientists who were tasked with advising the UK government on how best to make the population comply with their response to the pandemic.

They decided that by increasing fear and confusion amongst the population, using propaganda and manipulation of the truth, most people would psychologically surrender to the agenda. Even these advisors have admitted they went too far and have created a fear-based dystopia.

Eminent scientists and doctors are crying out to be heard, and their research is being ignored because the official response to the virus is that anything not endorsed by the government is automatically wrong and therefore banned from public media.

Even the research from Nobel prize winning scientists, eminent world-class scientists involved in inventing and creating the vaccines, are being ignored.

Their social media accounts are being terminated, their positions threatened and their characters are being assassinated by so-called ‘fact-checkers’ who are being employed around the world to use psychological techniques and disinformation techniques to damage the reputations of those once reputable, respected and decorated researchers.

These pillars of medical research and therapy who are for the most part not anti-vaccine, conspiracy theorists, or anything other than conventional scientists with peer reviewed studies to contribute to the world are increasingly being side-lined as mere ‘anti-vaxxers’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’, and are being censored accordingly. And all the while we are being constantly informed by the government that they are ‘following the science’.

Having committed to a vaccine-only approach to solve the crisis, the spin and propaganda has been unprecedented in the history of humanity. The massive scale of vaccine-related damage and death – as recorded in databases such as the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS] by the MHRA in the UK and EudraVigillance in the EU - has been ignored by mainstream media, in favour of the mantra that the vaccines are safe and effective, and despite masses of scientific data proving that this is wrong.

The data is readily available to prove that the Covid vaccines are the most harmful vaccines ever produced and imposed upon society. They are already responsible for tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of deaths, and many times more serious injuries to the vaccinated. We do not know what long-term damage may occur in the future, but the predictions of some eminent scientists and doctors for the health of many are dire.

Vaccination for Covid is designed to reduce the severity of the disease in those who catch it. Just like the Flu shot, it is not designed to make you impervious to Covid, and it is not therefore significantly effective in preventing transmission of the virus to others.

At the same time as the authorities are insisting that transmission can be from asymptomatic people, they also admit that the vaccines do not prevent people catching the virus. Why swathes of the population believe that the vaccine protects others, and their loved ones in care homes etc. is testament to the government’s psychological and behavioural propaganda. The non-vaccinated are increasingly blamed by the general public, who are ignorantly assuming those people are selfish and dangerous to society.

One study suggested that in order to save 3 people from dying of Covid, 2 would die because of the vaccine. The vaccination programme is a sledge hammer to crack a nut approach. A nut, I might add, that has largely been crackable since it appeared at the beginning of 2020 if only doctors were encouraged and allowed to implement safe and effective therapies that are readily available and have been in use for decades. I repeat, vaccination with an experimental agent was never necessary.

Numerous therapies such as Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonide steroids etc. which have been staple medicines for decades and proven safe and effective have been used with success equal to and above the efficacy of the vaccines. But authorities have not allowed their use, and have accepted fraudulent studies which purported to show they were ineffective as the basis for not allowing their use. It was easy to show that Hydroxychloroquine (which has been in use for 60 years all over the world and has a good safety record) was dangerous, simply by studying its effect on people when using several times higher than the recommended dose. Well of course it is dangerous then isn’t it? But it was preventing most deaths and most severe symptoms when it was given within the therapeutic range! You see how easy it is to make ‘science’ look like Science?

How easy it is for the general public to be conned into believing their government and their health officials when they say ‘studies have shown’? Equally, it is easy to fool the people with phrases such as ‘there is no evidence to suggest...’, or better yet ‘I have seen no evidence to suggest...’ Those phrases do not mean there isn’t any evidence, and it’s more likely to mean that they are either lying or have avoided even looking for it.

Sometimes they will categorically state ‘there is no evidence for...’ when in fact there is.

Alternative therapies have been imposed upon hospitals, such as the Fauci-endorsed Remdesivir, which requires a patient stay to in hospital for a week or more to complete the course, which is vastly more expensive than the likes of Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, and is plagued with side-effects. Moreover, the latter remedies can also be given as a preventative at very little cost, and do not require a week’s hospitalization to complete the course, at a time when it was clear that hospital beds and hospital staff were in shortage.

One of the most important preventative and therapeutic substances for respiratory viruses such as Covid is Vitamin D. Towards the end of 2020, Matt Hancock announced that he was going to give everyone free vitamin D. It didn’t happen and it has never been heard of since then. He was told by NICE not to do it on the grounds that ‘there is no evidence’. What did happen was people were told to stay indoors. That alone creates a drastic depletion in Vitamin D. Vitamin D needs to be taken in ranges around 5000 units or above to be effective against Covid, and even greater as a treatment.

The government will tell you that 400 units is enough and never to take more than 4000 units. How many individuals are now Vitamin D deficient due to the lockdown? Why isn’t vitamin D as well as zinc and vitamin C being promoted as an over the counter method that people can use to ward off and alleviate Covid? When they know Vitamin D is so effective, why aren’t all elderly people, especially those in care homes who cannot get any sunlight and are massively deficient in Vitamin D, being given this simple and cheap remedy which would do far more than just help counteract Covid? There are numerous other readily available remedies for reducing the impact of Covid.

The vaccinations are authorized under emergency measures only. They are still in trial phase, and the pharmaceutical companies are indemnified against damage caused to people. Everyone who has a vaccine for Covid is a participant in the trials which are not due to end until about 2023/2025. Only then will they be due for official ‘Approval’. Again, the public appear to believe that the vaccines have undergone full safety studies and are fully approved for use. They are not. They have not been proved to be safe and effective at all, despite the constantly repeated mantra in mainstream media.

In fact, the only proof we have are scientific studies that have shown them to be extremely dangerous, whether or not they are effective at counteracting severe Covid disease. As in any war, the innocent are seen as collateral damage and the ends justify the means.

Why are the vaccines dangerous?

There are two approaches used in the manufacture of Covid vaccines. One is a more conventional approach of using an existing deactivated virus to carry the information into the body to create an immune response.

The other is a gene-therapy approach. By injecting a form of the spike protein into the body, it passes mRNA coding into the cells, that in turn causes the cells’ genes to modify and create yet more spike protein, which the body launches an immune response to.

Both approaches use spike proteins (they are key that unlocks the cells to the virus) and they both stimulate an immune response to the virus.

Nobody should be in any doubt that the principle of vaccination is sound and efficacious. Immunity is gained naturally by exposure to viruses. If the viral load is low or dead, the body will acquire robust immunity to most common viruses without necessarily succumbing to the symptoms.

However, it is in the method used to expose people to an antigen (agent that will create an immune response) that the dangers lie.

Herd immunity to viruses is usually a natural process of mass exposure, survival and consequent mass immunity. Those tested recently who survived the SARS outbreak 17 years ago still have a robust immunity to SARS. More importantly, they also have a robust immunity to SARS-Cov-2! They are naturally immunised against Covid to this day by being infected with the original SARS virus 17 years ago. That virus was genetically 20% different to SARS-Cov2!

Current propaganda suggesting that the Indian or Delta Variant which is only very slightly different to the original Covid virus, is highly dangerous and needs a radical response above that already in play, is mere scare-mongering. Whether or not it is more transmissible, it remains essentially the same virus and immunity to it will be acquired in the same way as immunity to the original SARS-Cov-2 has been. Moreover, if you have had Covid 19, you should have a robust natural immunity in the form of T cell immunity, whether or not you have detectable antibodies to SARS Cov-2, although there are rare cases of reinfection.

The vaccines are new, and incomplete research has been done to verify their safety. Trials do not end until 2023/2025. They remain experimental. Long-term side-effects are unknown.

The jab is designed to be injected into the Deltoid muscle and stay in the arm whilst producing immune response from there. It was assumed that this would happen, and the material would remain localised in the arm and lymph nodes under the arm. However, it is now known that the vaccine material is not localised and is spreading throughout the body and settling in blood vessels, uteruses, intestines and testicles, as well as crossing the blood brain barrier!

It has more recently been scientifically confirmed that the Spike Protein itself is toxic!

It is the man-made Spike Protein and not the virus that is mainly responsible for the majority of the most problematic effects of Covid, and hence also the vaccines.

The proteins in the mRNA vaccines are coated in a fat to prevent them being destroyed by the immune system before attaching to and transferring their mRNA to the cells. The coating (Polyethylene Glycol – or PEG) is in itself problematic because it is a potent allergen in some people, causing anaphylaxis in those who are vulnerable.

It is also used in certain therapies to ensure that it can travel from the injection site through the body. Why then it was assumed that the vaccine would stay at the injection site is illogical.

The proteins are designed to survive and endure. They are designed to turn the human into a spike protein factory. But we now know that it is the spike protein that is toxic! Unfortunately, the vaccinated have been injected with a toxin designed to endure and create much more of the same toxin! The importance of this fact cannot be overstated!

Since vaccination, everyone is at risk from the side-effects of Covid and the Covid vaccine for as long as they have this in their system. No long-term information on this is available because the long-term effects are unknown and such studies were not done prior to Emergency Use Authorization. An ‘emergency’ that was avoidable and should never have been allowed to become one in the first instance whilst safe and effective therapies existed from the outset.

When the spike proteins settle in the walls of blood vessels they cause an inflammatory response, which causes blood to clot. Recent studies have shown that these tiny clots are proliferating in the blood vessels of the vaccinated and are embedded in the walls of the blood vessels, leading to larger clots. Hence, Covid and the vaccines cause clotting (despite propaganda to suggest that only specific brands of the vaccine are associated with clotting). Hence, the large numbers of reports of clots in diverse areas of the body, from the brains and hearts to the intestines, to the uteruses of the vaccinated.

Hence, the chest pains, the heart attacks, the strokes, the venous thromboses, which are in their many thousands. Many will have clots occurring frequently whose bodies are fortunately able to deal with them as they form – at least in the short term - and will not go on to have a significant clotting event such as a heart attack or stroke – at least in the short term. Just because these same people have escaped these serious disorders initially, because the spike proteins are being constantly produced, everyone who has been vaccinated is at greater risk of blood clots in the future.

When the spike proteins gather in the reproductive organs of women, they cause inflammation and bleeding. Women are reporting new instances of menses despite being post-menopausal, they are experiencing unusual clotting, clotted nose bleeds, chest pains etc.

There is a genetic coding in the vaccines derived from foetal cells that is causing an immune response to syncytin, which is involved in the creation of the placenta – it encourages the placental cells to bind in this most delicate process of human existence. It is causing the fertilized women to have an immune response to their own pregnancy!

A recent study showed that against 10% natural abortion of foetuses in the first trimester amongst the unvaccinated, the vaccinated were losing their pregnancy in 80% of cases. The huge increase in natural abortions and miscarriages is likely to become a global phenomenon within the next year.

The vaccines have also been associated with numerous other medical conditions, which include interfering with the innate immunity we have to prevalent viruses and bacteria that the body usually keeps in check. For example, the Interferon pathway has been disrupted and people are experiencing outbreaks of disease that usually stay dormant, such as shingles. It’s also associated with the proper function of the nervous system.

The implications of this are potentially severe, as these pathways are associated with autoimmune and neurological disorders such as MND, MS and Parkinson’s Disease. This is the same disruption to natural immunity that is seen in AIDS – which is caused by HIV. And HIV genetic coding has been discovered in the virus also. We simply do not know how many people have now been predisposed to any number of autoimmune disorders and premature deaths in the future, but the existing data already suggests strongly that these will be a significant problem.

The propaganda problem

We have been misled from the outset of the pandemic.

We were told the virus was natural and jumped species in the wild and was found first in a Wuhan market. It wasn’t. It was created at the Wuhan lab and reports of infections from this virus predate the outbreak at the market a few miles from the lab.

Some scientists managed to alert the wider world with the genetic information of the virus before the Chinese propaganda and information lockdown occurred, and the flow of information and the evidence of the true origins of the outbreak were heavily covered up.

The Western response was therefore minimal, despite having performed pandemic response planning within the previous few years designed to counter exactly this scenario. The governments and the medical responses were as though we were expecting just another seasonal flu.

They soon escalated into a response that was more reminiscent of panic. Infected people all over the country were left untreated and unvisited by doctors. Many were left to suffer and die without any active treatment. People were turned away and later returned in mortal danger of death, admitted to hospital and instead of being treated with oxygen and available safe therapies, were placed on ventilators which were far more likely to kill or maim them than save them.

Care homes were left in shock, unsupported and unvisited by health professionals and senior members of their companies including senior management, and elderly people were left to die, untreated, in their thousands, whilst carers and nurses worked hard to prevent cross-contamination, to deal with severely ill residents on their own and with limited or no protective equipment.

The testing from the outset was flawed. The PCR test was not designed to diagnose Covid. It relies on a process of amplifying samples and identifying viral material. Amplifications up to around the mid-20s are sufficient to identify an active virus, and therefore a positive test. However, the amplification rate authorized to detect Covid was a massive one, around 40 times. This is known to be pointless. Any amplification rate above about 30 will detect dead material and other genetic material as positive. Some researchers suggest that the only assured amplification rate is between around 17 and 28 to give a reasonably accurate diagnosis of a positive infection.

The response to the Covid positive rate was based on this clearly flawed and utterly over- exaggerated rate generated by an inadequate test that was engineered to create many false positives.

The government went further to inflate the numbers by classing anyone who died within 28 days of a positive PCR test as having died of Covid. The masses have accepted this readily and see these figures daily on their tv screens. Just as the majority appear to believe, falsely, that vaccinations are safe and will prevent others being infected, they have accepted that a death by any cause can be given as a Covid death, just because someone has had a positive result from a test that is unreliable. And on the basis of these false and inflated figures have willingly given away their freedoms and rights to the whims of politicians, and to the delight of the pharmaceutical industries of the world.

Doctors were instructed and encouraged to write Covid as a cause of death on death certificates, despite the usual format which should be to declare only the actual cause of death, for example sepsis or pneumonia etc. which are secondary to the actual virus that may cause these fatal events. In short, nobody actually knows how many people have had Covid, nor what the actual rate of infection is at any time.

The hypocrisy of using a 28 days from Covid test as a definition of Covid death, whilst providing no proof that Covid was involved in the death, is very interesting and highlights the hypocrisy and unscientific nature of how the data is being used. Currently (7/7/21) , over 9,000 vaccine related deaths and nearly 27,000 Covid vaccine related hospitalisations have been reported to the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

The ‘fact checkers’ are keen to point out that these reports are from the public and they supply no proof that the vaccine was related to the deaths. They also fail to state that academic analyses of such reporting systems have historically only accounted for 1-10% of actual cases. Covid cases are vastly over-reported and vaccine reactions are massively under-reported, and yet the fact checkers can turn the same tautological argument both ways to at once support the official Covid figures and denounce the number of vaccine reactions.

Because the official stance is that the vaccines are ‘safe and effective’, doctors are not suspecting vaccine reactions to be vaccine-related. Paramedics are telling victims and their families that their symptoms are not vaccine-related. If they are not reported, the figures increasingly fail to reflect the scale of the problem, thereby reinforcing the number of vaccine injuries that are diagnosed as something else.

Families and victims are, as with other vaccine injuries, being told they are wrong when they experience injury and death. And nowhere in the media is there any information for the public to know what to look for so that they can get early life-saving treatment for vaccine damage. For example, a simple early blood test can identify a blood clot that may result in brain damage, organ damage or death, but if it is never suspected, that will not be done and your risk of a serious disorder increases enormously.

These people are more likely to be diagnosed with a migraine or muscle strain and sent home with painkillers only to be admitted to hospital days later with life-threatening blood clots or heart inflammation. Even then, it’s unlikely that the symptoms will be officially related to the vaccine because we all know the vaccine is ‘safe and effective’.

In addition to an inadequate PCR test they introduced the Lateral Flow test which is highly inaccurate. Essentially, a positive LFT is likely to be about 50% accurate, which is in the range of a coin toss. On the basis of which, countless working days and school days have been lost.

Furthermore, isolation and fear and economic crises have caused untold mental damage to the people of the world. Not to mention the loss of timely medical interventions for illnesses that would otherwise have been caught, cured or ameliorated by our health services.

Covid’s fatality ratio is similar to that of the flu. However, it appears to be more transmissible – but we cannot be sure as we have no accurate data on the actual numbers infected!

Covid is extremely dangerous – like the flu – to the elderly and those with co-morbidities. It is less dangerous than the flu to the young.

The propaganda machine has also pushed the idea that Covid can be transmitted by the asymptomatic. This appears to be false. The actual scientific studies have shown that asymptomatic people do not transmit the virus. This is not surprising, as these kinds of respiratory viruses are not usually spread unless the person is symptomatic. Well people don’t have the flu until they are symptomatic; they don’t spread the flu until they sneeze on someone or transfer their bodily fluid to a surface and another person either inhales air droplets or contacts infected matter and transfers it into their body by touching their face.

Other viruses are not considered infectious until someone is symptomatic; for example, Shingles is not contagious until vesicles appear on the body, and they cease to be contagious once the vesicles dry and crust. Why would we expect Covid to be so different from other similar viruses?

Asymptomatic transfer has been used as an excuse to vaccinate everyone in order to protect everyone. It has also been used to enforce mask wearing and social distancing.

My opinion here: Are the vaccinated not more likely to infect others if they do become infected, because they are likely to have milder symptoms which they are more likely to ignore, and therefore continue to go about their business such as shopping or going to work and engage in crowd behaviour, instead of recognising they have Covid and self-isolating for a week until they are no longer infectious?

The vaccination programme began in health care workers and other key workers. Care home staff – who are predominantly female, and tend to be young care assistants in their 20s who are at child-bearing age – were among the first to receive the vaccines.

They were already under pressure to keep working as so many care homes experienced a drastic reduction in available staff due to Covid infection, vulnerable staff on leave or furlough, and the unnecessary enforced self-isolation imposed by false or asymptomatic positive test and trace alerts.

This cohort of carers – in my experience - is more likely to work when mildly poorly than most occupations. If they have mild symptoms due to having been vaccinated, they are more likely to go to work to care for the most vulnerable and therefore most likely to infect those in their care. Care workers are dedicated to their patients and residents and are aware of the burden they cause on those at work when they are off sick – they are also very poorly paid and simply cannot afford to be off sick for a little pesky virus.

However, the unvaccinated would have more pronounced symptoms and be more likely to take the wise choice of remaining off work until asymptomatic, at which point they could return to work having acquired natural immunity anyway. That is what has always happened before when people have had flu-like illnesses.

The vaccinated care workers are now at risk of not only ongoing personal health effects such as blood clots and other disorders, but also of losing their ability to successfully complete a normal gestation for their offspring. In addition, they are probably more likely to infect with Covid those they are employed to protect.

They are more at risk of complications of the vaccines such as blood clots, neurological issues, menstrual irregularities, heart inflammation (the young and males in particular are up to 200 times more likely to suffer myocarditis than the unvaccinated). They are therefore more likely to require time off work due to sickness than the unvaccinated, which in turn puts pressure on the care workers remaining in work, therefore putting safeguarding their patients and residents at higher risk.

And yet, the propaganda machine has seen to it that huge swathes of society are crying out for all health care workers to become vaccinated – to the point of mandating it as a condition of employment, in order to protect their loved ones.

The point is worth repeating because we are on the verge of losing fundamental human rights to decide our own path to health. We should have no mechanism in place where anyone is coerced into participating in any medical intervention or trial against their will or otherwise: the vaccines do not prevent anyone contracting or transmitting the disease.

People need to be aware of this or they will become the agents of their own demise by policing themselves into oblivion instead of countering their own brainwashing and behaving logically in accordance with the fact based science and innate reasoning capacity that humanity is naturally endowed with.

Prior to the Emergency Authorization, the FDA in America produced a list of 110 side- effects for the mRNA vaccines, ranging from pain at the injection site and some general unwellness, to death. By the time the public were told about them, the message was they were safe and effective and side-effects were minimal – they whittled 110 side effects down to a handful of the most minor ones.

During the Pfizer trial, it was recognized that people who were vaccinated would likely also shed the modified genetic matter through breathing and sweat to other non-vaccinated people.

In fact, this was a major concern and those in the trial were advised to avoid unvaccinated people, especially pregnant ones. Some unvaccinated women have reported menstrual disorders occurring having spent time close to vaccinated people. In other words, the vaccine does not only affect the vaccinated, it is transmitted to the unvaccinated also, which was a recognised probability during the initial trials.

It is clear, (especially considering now that the data proves that vaccinated people are more likely to die of the Delta Variant than the unvaccinated, when death rates are falling for the unvaccinated, whilst vaccinated death rates are rising) that the vaccinated have not won any moral or scientific argument and the unvaccinated are not the enemies of the vaccinated.

It is the other way round: the vaccinated pose a potential danger to everyone, including the unvaccinated. Those who chose to be vaccinated are still catching and spreading Covid; they are potentially harming the unvaccinated – those who made an equally valid choice not to be vaccinated – and may be more likely to infect others in the care homes and to put their care at risk than the unvaccinated.

Yes, those 1% of the world’s population who were at risk of dying from Covid are far less likely to die from Covid if vaccinated, but at what cost to everyone else’s health, freedoms and their livelihoods and their countries’ economies?

Is it fair that 2 healthy people have to die to allow 3 unhealthy people to live? Is it fair that those who want nothing to do with the vaccine and are acting to preserve their own health and lives by not risking taking the vaccine are now surrounded by people shedding particles of the vaccine?

Amongst the many fear-based messages people are coping with on a daily basis are a host of subliminal fear stimulants. Social distancing, treating everyone as though they present a mortal danger to you, and seeing everyone in face masks all stimulate the reptilian brains fight or flight response, keeping us all in a state of fear-based alertness to danger.

Masks outdoors are useless. Masks in close social proximity are of limited value. Surgical masks have holes in them about 80 microns big, whilst exhaled droplets are as small as 60 microns. They are designed to prevent large droplets from the nose and mouth, not to stop breath or air, or to filter out viruses, which are much smaller.