Excess Deaths in South Africa are substantially higher since the introduction of the mRNA experiment

The pattern continues…

This is the fourth report in the series:

South Africa

The picture in South Africa is remarkably similar to Europe and the States, with two distinct periods of excess death associated with natural COVID-19, followed by substantially more excess deaths since their participation in the global medical experiment.

South Africa’s COVID-19 waves represented 2.1 and 3.7 times more excess deaths than usual. However, the first wave coincides with the regular mortality season. The second wave is completely out of season, leading once again to the possible conclusion that the COVID-19 measures result in subsequently higher excess mortality.

In the first regular mortality season post mRNA experiment (May to Oct 2021), excess deaths are an extraordinary 4.8 times higher than usual. Compare this to the same period when natural COVID-19 occurred the prior year of 2.1 times. Again, excess deaths in comparable periods are more than twice as high in the mRNA period as they are during natural COVID-19.

Verdict: The case for the mRNA experiment being responsible for significantly more excess deaths than natural COVID-19 in South Africa is strong.

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