Excess Deaths are Much Higher Since the COVID-19 “Vaccine” was Introduced - England

This is the first report in the series:


During the COVID-19 era, having peaked in May 2020, at 60,000 cumulative excess, deaths in England did start trending back towards zero as one would expect.

However, “in spite” of the “vaccine”, cumulative excess has actually increased, adding a further 60,000 deaths. Finally, by winter 2022, the upward trajectory at least shallows out even though it doesn’t decline.

Looking at seasonal mortality, England usually experiences winter excess. COVID-19 arrived late in the 2020 season and caused 1.8 times as many deaths as expected. This is actually lower than the first period of excess death during the mRNA era, albeit this being during a period of typically higher excess.

Verdict: At best, the “vaccine” has made no difference whatsoever. At worst, it has caused more death, counteracting the expected deficit.

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