European Study Shows Young People are Twice as Likely to Die from AstraZeneca Vaccine than Covid

Despite the exceptionally high danger associated with getting injected with the Covid-19 vaccines, the government insists that the risks are far outweighed by the need to speed up public vaccination.

The study showed that younger people are at a greater risk of developing blood clots after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), a UK government agency responsible for the enforcement and regulation of health and safety in the workplace, has admitted that younger people between the ages of 18 to 39 face a greater risk of developing blood clots after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.

A new study published in the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s (ECDC) medical journal concluded that the dangers presented by the Covid-19 vaccine are greater than the benefits.

The study was published in the weekly edition of the Eurosurveillance Journal, and it modelled four months of a vaccine distribution strategy in France involving Vaxzevria (commonly known as the AstraZeneca vaccine) from May 2021. It concluded that using the vaccine on the entire adult population there would avert 10 deaths from Covid-19 among 18–39-year-olds, but would be associated with 21 deaths from blood clotting in this same age group during the same time period.

The study concluded that: “Our results highlight the clear benefit of the distribution of Vaxzevria towards the population aged 55 years and older and provide valuable insight for public health decision making.”

The data from the study was used by government bodies across Europe earlier in the year to warn that only the elderly should take the AstraZeneca jab due to the risk of “very rare” blood clots, and their allegedly higher risk of suffering from a severe Covid infection compared to younger people.

However, the alleged threat of the Delta variant and other Covid variants has sparked governments to scrap the AstraZeneca warning and encourage younger people to get the jab too to stay safe and “protect others.”

On July 5th, the HSE announced in Ireland that all 18-34 -year-olds will be eligible to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is reportedly available at 750 pharmacies across the country.

Starting from July 12th, Irish young people were given access to a registration portal through which they can sign up to get the Covid jab if they wanted to.

A spokesperson said: “If someone aged 18 to 34 would prefer to get their vaccine at an HSE vaccination centre, they can wait and register online later this month.

“In the case of those who choose to opt for the AstraZeneca or Janssen shots, getting either of these vaccines will mean they will be vaccinated earlier,” the spokesperson added, stating that young people will have to wait longer if they opt for either the Pfizer or Moderna jabs.

Sadly, we can expect to see that many of these young people may develop the “rare” blood clotting condition known as thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), which kills about one in five people who develop it.

The spokesperson said: “People receiving Vaxzevria are advised of the very rare risk of blood clots, the symptoms to look out for and to seek urgent medical attention.

“Healthcare professionals are also aware of this and the investigation and management of such cases.”

It is worth noting that young people have about a zero chance of dying from the virus, and many of those who test positive for it will never develop any symptoms.

Instead of promoting a healthy lifestyle such as, going outside in the sun, having a healthy diet, and exercising, to boost the immune system, government and health officials are pushing the deadly AstraZeneca vaccine to younger people.

This is criminal.

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