Europe Goes Hardline: Vaccine Passports And Mandatory Jabs Introduced On Continent

by BritishHealthAlliance January 20, 2022

France will introduce vaccine passport rules next week for visitors to cafes and restaurants, the French government announced.

In a live TV address on Thursday evening, Prime Minister Jean Castex said the controversial new document will become compulsory for those who want to visit cafes, restaurants and a range of other businesses from next week.

Meanwhile, Austria’s house of parliament passed a bill on Thursday making COVID-19 vaccines compulsory for adults from February 1.

The bill’s passage brings Austria closer to introducing the first such vaccine mandate in the European Union.

Until now, a negative test was sufficient for people in France to enter cafes, restaurants and other hospitality businesses, but a double vaccination and booster jab will become essential to obtain a passport.

Italy Makes Vaccine Mandatory For Over-50s And Bans Unvaccinated From Working

Italy has made vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory for over-40s in the country, as well as banning those who are unvaccinated from various workplaces.

According to a report from an Italian news source ANSA, anyone over the age of 50 in Italy will be obliged to be jabbed against COVID-19 with the measure becoming effective immediately.

The measure was reportedly objected to by the Italian political party La Lega, which is currently part of the country’s ruling coalition.

Meanwhile, a ban on unvaccinated individuals in workplaces will soon be entering into effect.

This will be done through the implementation of the so-called “Super Green Pass”, which can only be contained through being vaccinated or having recovered from COVID-19.

Workers in shops, shopping centres, public offices, government buildings and commercial services will all be required to have a Super Green Pass.

There is absolutely no logical reason for this. It is clear that the 'vaccine' is being foisted upon all of us for a very different, sinister reason. There have been way more deaths with this jab than if you added every other vaccine death, caused by every drug in the last thirty years!

This is, I'm sure, the worst case of genocide in history and the people behind this atrocity should pay for it with their lives.

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