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End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide Now!

People are experiencing serious adverse reactions after receiving the covid jab, and many are dying. Many more will die in the coming months and years.

The covid fraud is causing a global genocide. This needs to end now.

Crimes being committed or supported by governments, government advisory groups, members of the World Economic Forum, the mainstream media, social media platforms and other agencies in positions of authority:

  • Extreme fear mongering via press releases, media announcements and nation-wide advertisement, using taxpayers’ money

  • Inducing unnecessary fear and terror of a virus less lethal than a strong seasonal flu

  • Cynical use of new variants to promote fear and justify continued restrictions

  • Falsifying death records by stating covid as the primary cause of death when not applicable

  • Mask mandates on public transport, in shops, schools, work places and other public places – in many cases for hours a day – exposing the wearer to potential and actual damage to their mental and physical well-being

  • Forcing children and adults to take covid tests, often regularly, that are not fit for purpose, produce mainly false positives, and can cause damage to health

  • Using covid “cases”, which are based on false test results, for prolonging covid restrictions and lockdowns

  • Coercing people into taking an experimental “vaccine”, which is in fact a gene- modifying injection, can induce infertility, and is causing more adverse reactions and deaths than all other vaccines together

  • Promoting the use of an unlicensed therapy as though it were fully approved and safe

  • Suppressing or underplaying the data regarding adverse reactions and deaths of the covid jabs

  • Ignoring the Nuremberg Code by not enabling people to give informed consent before vaccination or testing

  • Disruption of education

  • Suppression of religious freedom, prevention of worship

  • Restricting freedom of movement across borders, and during lockdowns, within the country

  • Causing job losses, business failures and loss of opportunities

  • Delaying diagnosis and treatment of conditions far more serious than covid resulting in unnecessary loss of life

  • Forced quarantine of healthy people at their own expense

  • Suppression of the right to protest, freedom of association and freedom of speech

  • Suppression of scientific debate, giving voice only to “approved” agencies

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