Emails exposed the gigantic man-made climate change fraud perpetrated by the globalists


Has been an environmental campaigner since the 1980s, and up to a year ago he was a firm believer in man-made climate change. But recently, he committed to no longer automatically accepting the veracity of what he was told by the media, but doing his own research and making up his own mind.

I began delving into the issue of climate change last year, and have come to very different conclusions about what’s going on from that presented in the media; there is no doubt that the Earth is in extreme crisis, due to rampant consumerism and a materialist mindset, and that there is an anthropogenic extinction event occurring.

In other words, the attitudes and activities of many are out of balance with this beautiful world. This article does not in any way challenge that reality.

However, there is massive fraud being perpetrated against the world’s inhabitants, with our energies and resources being channelled into the diversion of climate change as framed (rather than into meaningful solutions), while a small number of people profit massively through the effects of the Paris Accords and other ‘carbon reduction policies’, including carbon credits and trading.

The case against man-made climate change has six main pillars:

  1. The driver of climate change on Earth is the Sun, through sunspot cycles and the solar wind. As a result of this fluctuating solar activity, there have been periods in human history when the Earth has been much warmer than today, such as the Medieval Warm Period. Life on Earth, including human life, thrived during these times. And there have been periods when it’s been much colder such as the Maunder Minimum in the 1600s. We are currently moving into a Grand Solar Minimum, which will bottom out in the early 2030s, resulting in colder and wetter weather in Europe, worsening food shortages, economic contraction and population migration. In the man-made climate change world, no one’s talking about the sun and what it’s doing. This climate change theory and the consequent models do not take account of the Sun’s activity. This is a glaring omission which renders the theory and the models fundamentally flawed. After all, the most important object in the heavens is the Sun.

  2. In the man-made climate change world, we are told that world temperature changes follow the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. If CO2 goes up, temperature goes up and vice versa. But the problem with that is that there is a time lag between temperature changes and those changes being mirrored by CO2. In other words, the temperature goes up, and several hundred years later CO2 goes up. This is because the relationship is the opposite to what we’re told. The majority of CO2 in the atmosphere comes from the oceans. When the temperature increases as a result of sunspot activity, it takes a long time for the oceans to heat up, and subsequently release more CO2. Equally, when temperatures fall as a result of a decrease in the Sun’s activity, the oceans slowly cool down and absorb more CO2. This also happens in a fizzy drink.

  3. The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC), set up by Rockefeller oil man Maurice Strong, is a political body cloaked as a scientific one. Furthermore, from the outset the IPCC controlled the debate by limiting its charter to studying ‘human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation’. In other words, before any of the science had been done, the IPCC’s assumption was that man’s activity was responsible, while the role of the Sun and other natural processes were excluded from consideration, thus thwarting free inquiry based on reason and evidence.

  4. Carbon dioxide is a natural gas which comprises 0.04% of the Earth’s atmosphere, and we produce 4% of that. Termites produce ten times more CO2 than humans, so why no war on termites? CO2 is not a pollutant. The effect that CO2 has on climate is totally insignificant. Rather than being the villain, CO2 is the gas of life. Plants need CO2 to grow and life is based on carbon and water. We are actually in a CO2 famine right now – levels have been much higher in the past and life has flourished. Any increase in the amount of CO2 (even many times over) would be beneficial, enabling plants to grow faster, and grow more easily in arid areas.

  5. The fifth consideration is the agenda behind the notion of man-made climate change, namely Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. This is an all-encompassing programme under the banner of the United Nations, the aims of which sound laudable – to bring about sustainability. But in fact, when this is examined in detail, along with the history of how it came about, it becomes clear the agenda is to bring about total control of the world’s natural resources, including you and me. This plan involves moving the world’s population out of the countryside into smart cities, where people will ‘own nothing and be happy’ under total surveillance and control. Agenda 21/2030 dovetails with the Great Reset agenda of the World Economic Forum, which includes the push to merge humans with computers (known as transhumanism).

  6. In 2009, a whistleblower released emails showing how climate academia was manipulating and destroying data, along with blocking publication of articles which didn’t support their anthropogenic global warming agenda. This became known as Climategate. By delving into the details, we can see that the notion of man-made climate change, although it sounds plausible, is not actually supported by the data and observations. The IPCC’s remit and operation, and the allocation of funds to conduct research (along with other factors), do not create a level playing field, but instead support an agenda to control of the world’s resources.

Finally, it’s critical to know that we’re entering a mini Ice Age or Grand Solar Minimum (bottoming out in the early 2030s), the effect it’s having on weather and climate, and what this means in terms of our energy needs and our ability to grow food in different parts of the world. We need to be preparing for this now.

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