Dr Sam White: 'Victims of Government deceit must stay strong'. Covid- jabs could have killed 23,000

— but UK approves another to target original strain and omicron

THE UK today (Monday, August 15) became the first country to approve a Covid jab that targets both the original strain and the Omicron variant.

The Moderna jab was approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) after it was found to meet the UK regulator’s standards of safety, quality, and effectiveness.

This is despite growing worldwide evidence that Covid-19 jabs have dangerous side effects and poor efficacy.

Will the public roll up their sleeves once again?

DR SAM WHITE has long argued against the jabs and was suspended by the NHS for speaking out. He subsequently won a High Court action against a ban imposed by the General Medical Council (GMC) which had prevented him from making any comment on social media about “the pandemic and associated aspects”.

Here he again questions the official narrative – and why so many people still believe it.

By Dr Sam White

Doctors and scientists are the key people who are not recognising that we’re in a brutal bio-information war. They should have spotted it from day one and put an immediate halt to the Covid-19 theatre. We could have done this as a collective; my belief is that as doctors we are only ever answerable to our patients and not simply government diktat or a health service-led and enforced directive.

The flaws in the narrative are obvious. Every piece of the story can be teased apart, even with basic knowledge of medicine, science, immunology, or simply a cursory glance at any of the vaccine adverse event report data.

For example, a false construct still perpetrated to this day is that there is a highly infectious, yet entirely ‘asymptomatic’, acute respiratory illness. I can assure you that there is no such thing, only anecdotes not based on true scientific data.

All doctors should know this, and yet the ‘system’ still insists on a negative PCR test before assessment or treatment. Bayes theorem, which predicts events using probability and statistics, is clear. True infection with SARS-CoV-2 is rare, and testing asymptomatic people merely exacerbates a false negative rate. We know testing is too often amplified and should not be used as stand-alone medical diagnostic.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of self-interest and people seem keen to protect themselves and their image, rather than take a risk for the sake of humanity.

My own case was used as an example to doctors by the GMC. Health professionals who spoke out in mainstream media and importantly to medical insurers and the medical press, or asked questions, risked losing their licence to practise and were investigated by the GMC. This fact was reported in the doctors’ journal Pulse.

Meanwhile, I experienced banking fraud and my website has been hacked for the purpose of writing a smear story.

My win for freedom of speech successfully proved that the GMC had erred in law in clear breach of the UK Human Rights Act 1988. In a recent interview with Maajid Nawaz, we discuss how the GMC, NHS, and many others are seemingly reliant on ‘The Rules for Radicals’ play book to discredit all counter-narrative scientifically proven views.

Maajid and I also discussed my new life as a doctor of functional medicine, helping people get better after decades of poor health. This is something I rarely witnessed as a primary care physician. While over the last two years I have met with significant adversity, the support I have received far outweighed the innumerable challenges.

For the wider public, the so called educated ‘liberal’ elite believe they are so clever that they are immune from propaganda. This fixed, firm, and yet false belief renders them far more susceptible to the toxic effects of propaganda. Truth, as we know, is the first casualty in any war.

Often, the person in the street knows the Covid-19 theatre is nonsense, whereas teachers, lawyers and many other professionals are happy to abide by the ‘government knows best and cares about me and my family,’ mantra.

The Government has also admitted to the use of military grade psychological warfare on the population. We now know of the so-called ‘Nudge Unit,’ within Whitehall.

Put simply, the fear narrative has been amplified for a disease with an incredibly low infection fatality rate of about 0.2 per cent. The Government convinced innocent people to risk their lives and that of their children, for an experimental vaccine, without regard for true informed consent, freely given. Informed consent has long been established in law (Montgomery v Lanarkshire).

For those who have woken up, it may be tragically too late. They may have seen loved ones, friends, or family severely injured by the first or second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine or been injured themselves.

I have consulted and chatted at length with some victims, and their injuries are horrific. Their stories are a familiar one of multiple visits to their GP or urgent visits to the emergency department to be told: ‘it’s nothing to do with the vaccine,’ and/or: ‘it’s probably a bit of anxiety’.

This was a fear of mine when the medical profession embarked, as a whole, with an experimental gene product for which they had failed to do their own due diligence and which had multiple toxic ingredients both known and unknown, subsequently identified by our independent laboratory investigation – a process that has been replicated throughout the world.

Not to mention the 2200 reports of deaths via the Yellow Card Scheme, to the MHRA. The MHRA admits that only 10 per cent of reactions is reported to them. Our team of experts calculated an under-reporting factor of 11, making the true figure of deaths post Covid-19 vaccine closer to 23,000.

Despite all that is happening and unfolding before our very eyes, I remain optimistic about the future. The darkness is being exposed like never before. Those who have been victims of apparent deceit will need us all to stay resolute and strong, in the coming days, weeks, months and even years ahead, as we recreate a world as it was always intended to be.

Dr Sam White


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