Dr John Cambell - Fake? fraud? Establishment puppet?

For over two years I've been calling this guy out as a tool of the establishment.

He spent the first 18 months of the scamdemic telling everyone to get jabbed, double jabbed and boosted, then when the data about myocarditis comes out into the open, he suddenly changes his tune.

Dr. John Campbell [is not a Doctor of Medicine]

► He is the associate Director of Research and Development at the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service.

He is a skilled nurse and nursing instructor who took on many students in the beginning of his career. He is also an oncology expert who specializes in blood cancers.

► He began his career with a Nursing Diploma Having completed his secondary school, Dr. John Campbell joined the University of London in 1982 to pursue his diploma in Nursing.

► He has two degrees, an MSc and a Doctorate in Nursing. Dr. John had a keen interest in learning, and he took the opportunities presented to him to study. He obtained three degrees in various fields, with his first being a Bachelors degree in Arts.

► He has more than 50 publications in his name Through the years, Dr John Campbell has conducted research in numerous fields of medicine, and he has had a number of articles published. His extensive research has reached many people throughout the world, and has been instrumental in facilitating various breakthroughs in medicine.

► He started recording medical videos in the early 90s Even though his popularity grew when he started his YouTube channel, Dr. John Campbell started recording various videos in the early 90s.

Watch 'Hugo Talks' video below describing this mans' change of heart [no pun intended]

Or copy link to your browser https://www.bitchute.com/video/JankPOfHH2oQ/

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