Doctors Warn of Vaccine Damages in Patients: 'People Are Being Deceived'

They have had more deaths from this one shot since it has rolled out than they have in the last thirty years in VAERS reporting.

Canadian Doctors Stephen Malthouse and Charles Hoffe are on a road trip across the country to raise awareness about the dangers of taking the vaccine. “The rollout of the vaccine is having a devastating effect on the population. This is the most dangerous vaccine ever rolled out,” Hoffe said. “And now they are coming for our children.”

More and more people are being injured every day from taking the “vaccines,” reports the doctors. Yet, despite the shocking numbers, most doctors are not reporting the injuries or even questioning the safety of the “vaccines.” The few medical professionals asking questions and expressing concern are ostracized and labeled as pushing “vaccine hesitancy.”

Vaccine Injuries

I now have ten patients in my small practice who are literally disabled after their first shot, revealed Dr. Hoffe.

Hoffe decided to investigate the cause of their vaccine injuries and found that microscopic blood clots were the culprit. The doctor said that these blood clots occur in 50 percent of people who get a corona jab.

According to the doctor, the blood clots also explain his patients’ neurological disorders and lung problems. “These stings cause permanent damage. And the damage gets bigger after every shot.”

Injuries Unreported

The reporting system for vaccine side effects of the American Centers for Disease Control, VAERS, counts almost one million confirmed side effects for the new Covid vaccines.

Doctor Malthouse explains that the number of cases registered with VAERS “has been shown only to represent 1% of what is happening in real life.” For example, there have been 20,000 deaths (almost 50% of them reported within the first 24 hours of the shot), 100,000 hospitalizations, and over 30,000 severely disabled people who are permanently unable to work. As a result, the actual number of people adversely impacted by the vaccines is more likely to be closer to 100 times these actual reported numbers.

Despite the shocking numbers of deaths and injuries, Dr. Malthouse is questioning why The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has ignored all of these red flags. The Doctor states,

They have had more deaths from this one shot since it has rolled out than they have in the last thirty years in VAERS reporting. And that is only 1%. So we can imagine what the real death rate is of the shot. It is astronomical; in fact, it is pretty much a vertical line since that shot has been rolled out.

Total Failure

The doctors hope that people realize that they have been misled and misinformed. “Clearly, these vaccines don’t work. In British Columbia, 90 percent of the population has been vaccinated, but the corona restrictions remain in place and are even being tightened. Therefore, the rollout of the vaccine has turned out to be a total failure.”

Watch the following interview by Press For Truth with Dr. Charles Hoffe and Dr. Stephen Malthouse:

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