Doctor wins massive victory for free speech

NHS whistleblower Dr Sam White has won his High Court appeal against the General Medical Council’s unlawful 18-month social media ban following his pandemic-related whistle blow in June


The victory is a triumph for free speech and sets a precedent for other cases.

Responding to the news on Twitter, Dr Teck Khong commented that, “freedom to challenge and criticise flawed covid policies is now assured.”

The High Court ruled that the GMC gag violated human rights laws and could not stand.

It was said that guidelines relied on by the GMC tribunal made no reference to the human rights of doctors registered with them.

The GMC imposed conditions on Dr White’s registration that prevented him from sharing his professional opinions about covid on social media after he questioned the NHS response to the pandemic in an online video and criticised the government for withholding treatments and failing to provide adequate information to the public about vaccine safety.

The eight-minute video racked up one million views before its removal three days later. In it, Dr Sam asks how the public could truly give informed consent to vaccination when the dangers and lack of effectiveness were hidden from them and there are no medium- to long-term data available.

Though the legal case centred on White’s freedom of expression rather than the veracity of his claims, he nevertheless provided 106 paragraphs that addressed the allegations made in his video and was able to support each one of them with scientific and medical evidence.

The tribunal - without even investigating his claims - called his views ‘misinformation’ that could pose a risk to the public because they didn’t align with official pronouncements.

They said that public confidence in the (medical) profession could be seriously undermined if Dr White was ‘permitted to remain in unrestricted clinical practice’.

NHS England South East suspended Sam, but he fought back and joined forces with barrister Francis Hoar and solicitors PJH Law to assert his right to engage in medical, scientific and political debate and discussion.

The team wrote to NHS CEO Sir Simon Stevens on the 2nd of July to query Sam’s suspension and raise allegations of criminal conduct by way of gross negligence by the NHS, government and regulatory agencies. His suspension was revoked on the 21st of July, but Stevens didn’t reply and has since vacated the role.

Hoar affirms that large bodies of scientific and medical opinion support White’s views and that his comments were statements of fact and opinions about pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions in response to the pandemic.

White insists covid is more treatable than influenza, urging, “We have the treatments, we’re just not allowed to use them. They are being deliberately withheld. Ivermectin is good because it prevents the binding of the spike protein to the cells’ receptors and also acts as an anti-coagulant, which counters the coagulant effects of the mRNA vaccines”. He also mentions Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and inhalant medication Budesonide as effective treatments.

Sam has grave concerns about the experimental jab and says, “The vaccine is genetic manipulation and is not like other vaccines. It neither reduces transmission nor provides immunity.”

He says that VAERS and Yellow Card reporting systems probably only give 1% of the actual figures of adverse events and that the true number of injuries and deaths is likely 100 times higher than reported.

He is also strongly against vaccine passports and says that people have the right to decline any medical treatment without being penalised. The public are being coerced with the lure of being able to do the things they want - which they should be free to do anyway - and are not being reminded of the 99% recovery rate or the ability of the immune system to resolve illness.

He calls for vaccine passports to be declared unlawful and the rollout of the jab to be stopped until a review on adverse effects has been carried out.

White qualified as a doctor in 2004 and was a partner in a rural GP practice. When the lies surrounding the pandemic became too much, he tried to raise concerns with colleagues but none listened.

His frustration resulted in his resignation from the practice, but he continued to work a a doctor in other capacities until he was tipped over the edge upon hearing they wanted to test the covid jab on children.

In a recent video celebrating the win he says, “What we’ve lacked lately is tolerance for diversity of thought and opinion. What we’ve had instead is scientism, with no debate being allowed about science. It’s time to return to medical ethics, which have been long-established and yet recently overlooked.”

PJH Law, representing Sam, says the government formulated public health policy based on a flawed diagnostic test, and is causing so much harm by doing so. Principal solicitor Philip Hyland sent a fact-laden letter to the new CEO of the NHS, Amanda Pritchard, accusing the organisation of dereliction of duty and collusion with the government to steer the public towards vaccination.

The lengthy letter states how the UK government and SAGE failed to act in the public’s best interests by denying patients proven, safe and effective early intervention medication, and provides damning evidence that Pfizer tampered with the safety data. Hyland says that some jabs in use in the UK have already been withdrawn elsewhere on safety grounds; yet the government and the NHS so far refuse to accept that a pattern has been emerging all year.

The legal team, along with White, has agreed to assist the UK police in any investigation into alleged criminality regarding the government’s and others’ response to covid-19. They are also in touch with those who lodged the International Criminal Court referral in September 2021.

A predictable smear campaign is already under way, though White’s lawyers say they “will not be distracted by trolls and bots but will take legal action against anyone who harasses or makes defamatory statements that cause serious harm.”

Despite the lifting of the ban, Dr Sam’s Twitter account still appears to be restricted. Follow @pjhlaw for updates on his story.

Read the judgment here: https:// content/uploads/2021/12/White-v- GMC-judgment.pdf

Read PJH Law’s letter to NHS CEO Amanda Pritchard here: wp-content/uploads/2021/12/ lettertoamandapritchard.pdf

Read the BMJ article about Pfizer tampering with safety data here: bmj.n2635

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