‘Distrust the Government, Avoid mass media, Fight the lies’.

MOST people still do not understand just how much they have been manipulated over the past two years. Nor do they realise the depth of the deceit or the extent of the fraud which has changed their lives.


People want to believe that although politicians can’t be trusted on the small things, they’re probably pretty trustworthy on the big things. They want to be able to trust that their government will look after them, protect their interests and defend them against the big threats. The principle of cognitive dissonance means that most people find it difficult to believe that anyone in power could be determined to control them, harm them both physically and mentally, and eventually to destroy them.

But I wonder how many realise that since the start of the covid-19 fraud, the British Government, like governments all over the world, has been advised by a team of psychologists and brain-washing specialists. The government has been regularly using torture techniques devised by the Central Intelligence Agency for the purpose of breaking prisoners and making them more compliant and easier to manage. Politicians have deliberately treated their populations (their employers in reality) as prisoners.

Prison guards know that physical control of populations (whether small as in a prison or large as in a country) cannot easily be done without cooperation.

Those who run religious cults (and there is no doubt that in scientific and psychological terms pandemic belief should be regarded as a religious cult rather than anything else) know that isolating individuals (by locking them away or forcing them to maintain a physical distance from others) is a vital part of the brain-washing process.

Forced gagging (proven to be of no value in preventing the spread of infection) helps to enforce the sense of isolation and is another technique favoured by torturers and those determined to obtain control. We all learn a great deal from looking at the faces around us, and when masks are worn we are mentally and spiritually weakened. Brain growth in infants is much affected by the baby’s relationship with the people it sees. The ability to read facial expressions is a crucial part of development.

Aided by platoons of psy-op specialists (more traditionally used to think up ways to denigrate an enemy during times of war), our politicians and their advisors have used propaganda techniques to increase our terror of a disease which government figures prove is no more deadly than the flu. Their unscientific rules are deliberately designed to cause chaos, panic, confusion and despair. Truths are suppressed and distorted and those who try to share them demonised, isolated and humiliated.

Governments have deliberately set us against one another. Those who refuse the experimental jab are demonised, and the government says that if not enough people accept the toxic jabs then there will be a risk of more lockdowns. The authorities and the media are repeatedly using every psychological trick in the book to create division and hatred between communities. National culture and history are deliberately destroyed. Racial and ethnic divisions are widely promoted and encouraged. Men and women are encouraged to distrust one another.

The psychologists, psy-op specialists and brain-washing experts are aware that all humans draw confidence, comfort and satisfaction from living in a safe, reliable and predictable world.

Our satisfaction with the world is part of our self-esteem. Our hopes, passions and dreams are all part of our self-image. They are deliberately taking away our satisfactions and our dreams to break us and to mould us.

If the world becomes chaotic, threatening and uncertain we tend to feel stressed and anxious; we are more likely to become physically and mentally ill. Unknowns make the world more frightening and dangerous. We all have threats, dangers and worries within our own personal lives.

It is natural for us to want to feel that the world around us provides some certainty and some general sense of security and contentment.

Our politicians and their advisors, and the psychologists and brain- washing experts have taken advantage of our natural needs and fears and have betrayed our trust. They have cold- bloodedly and deliberately destabilised entire nations to promote a private agenda.

The twin frauds of our time, the covid fraud and the global warming fraud, are being used to terrify us into obeying advice and laws which are designed not to protect us, but to force us into sickness and enslavement.

Back in May 2020, I made a video entitled `Coronavirus: You’ve been brain-washed (Here’s how they did it)’ because it had become painfully apparent that governments were not following the science (as they claimed to be doing) but using a fake crisis to create fear and to force us into doing precisely what they wanted us to do. When there wasn’t enough fear, they deliberately created more.

Dr Colin Barron, a medical doctor and hypnotherapist, had pointed out to me just how our minds had been taken over and how we had been skilfully manipulated into believing the lies we had been fed.

Masks, social distancing and lockdowns were introduced to create fear and to remind us that we had to do what we were told to do.

Government ministers were advised on how to motivate people by using phrases such as ‘save Christmas’ and ‘protect Granny’.

Right from the start of these twin frauds, governments have used a range of Orwellian mind control tricks. The slogans, the clapping and the symbols were used to enable the authorities to take control of our thinking.

Elected governments, aided by specialist behavioural scientists, brain-washed millions into accepting the covid propaganda. Through professional disinformation techniques

used by the corporate media, politicians and advisors suppressed and discredited the truth and the truth- tellers.

Manipulating and tricking the mind is a professional business. The brain-washing has been very subtle. We’ve been quietly hypnotised and indoctrinated to accept the new mass hysteria.

Governments everywhere, using corrupt organisations such as the BBC, have been accusing those who are telling the truth of spreading fake news. Anyone who doesn’t toe the party line is dismissed as a dangerous conspiracy theorist – though the big conspiracies have all been coming from governments.

Countries across the world have been promoting slogans to persuade their citizens to behave as required. In China there was a slogan which said: `If you love your parents, lock them up’. In Taiwan people were told: ‘To visit each other is to kill each other’.

In the UK, the first trio of phrases which were promoted everywhere were: ‘Keep your distance, Wash your hands and Think of others’.

Then another trio were added to the repertoire: ‘Stay home, Save Lives, Protect the NHS’.

The rhythm and pattern used in these phrases is not a coincidence. There are usually three words in each phrase and the phrases run in threes.

Using phrases of three words, presented in groups of three, is a technique known as the rule of three in psychological conditioning.

We’re being trained and taught at the same time; it’s behavioural psychology.

If we repeat phrases often enough, the thoughts become implanted in our subconscious mind and motivate our behaviour. It’s called auto-suggestion.

“People more readily fall victim to the big lie than the small lie,” said Hitler, “since it would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”.

And it was Hitler who was said to have commented that it was good

fortune for rulers that men do not think.

George Orwell who invented Newspeak, also understood the importance of the triple three word phrase. In his novel 1984, Orwell invented the famous slogan: ‘War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength’.

Everything else that has been happening since February 2020 is part of the brain-washing process.

It has been noticeable that the instructions we have been given have been more like orders. The signs that have popped up like dandelions say ‘Stand here’, not ‘Please stand here’. And why not? You don’t say ‘Please’ to prisoners, do you?

Persuading people to do what you want them to do is part of the hypnotherapy process. Getting people to clap was important in that it made people believe in the danger of the coronavirus and the bravery of those working in health care.

Bearing all this in mind I prepared my own triple phrased slogan. Three words and three phrases:

‘Distrust the Government, Avoid mass media, Fight the lies’.

My slogans fit the brain-washing requirement perfectly: Simple, effective, memorable.

I’ve promoted them at the end of every video I’ve made.


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