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Direct democracy is ready to give us control of our laws.


This voting system will help throw off representative scam and keep digital serfdom at bay.

WE need direct control of our laws - and this voting platform will provide it.

The Direct Democracy movement continues to press on to its target of genuine democracy, not the sham ‘representative’ version we have been mis-sold for generations.

The scam has been seen ever more clearly in recent days, as the money-out-of-nothing magicians have woken up to the fact that huge numbers of us are seeing through the CGI-fakery in their greed-driven video-nasties.

The mercenary media hacks and their weak propaganda PR creations are no longer able to hold back the tidal wave of truth. How many more newborns in Scotland have to die before the people cry, ‘Enough!’?

But, how can they be stopped?

Changing parties does NOTHING; it is only through the adoption and routine use of direct democratic tools that we can do this. The day draws near when we will be able to.

If we fail to grab the rudder and steer away from the island prison prepared for us, then watch as our liberties slip away from our grasp. The Mother of Parliaments has clearly been told to toe the line or be cut off from the international banking system.

Do you want serfdom-lite globalisation or red-blooded democratisation?

I know what I want.

This is why we need control, and we only get this by being able to call for referenda on any law using The People’s Veto. The Swiss adopted the hybrid part-representative, part-direct democracy system back in 1848, and a Liberal MP in our Parliament suggested we do the same - back in 1896!

The central bankers have held court for too long already, and who voted for them? These fraudsters need to be confronted and put in their place, otherwise it’s the lock-up, not the lock-down for all of us. But there is a way to avoid this, and like good Boy Scouts we have already prepared; what we need now is your help.

Our team has been approved to develop the front-end of a voting platform to link to a secure digital voting system already deployed across Europe, and in many other countries around the world.

All other groups controlling the voting sites are nation states, so we are very proud of our developer, Yasir Ballal, who has brought us this unique opportunity to soon be able to offer the great people of these islands access to this internationally recognised voting apparatus.

It is security cleared for use in the UK, but it is not used here - yet. We plan to have the site up and open for testing in February 2023, but in the meantime, you can see how the Estonians use it here - ivoting_2021/

We will open up the site to any (non-criminal!) organisation wishing to arrange votes on any matter they wish. All questions will have to meet the standards of the original platform developers, but these are just to ensure fair question layout and professional standards.

The project should offer an objective and credible base to gather feedback and data, and to gauge the level of support for proposals.

This is our planned dry-run for real democracy, where the people have control of their own laws. Coming soon, then it’s only one vote away!

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