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All your money controlled forever

THE banks will sell it as safe, convenient and the logical next step, but central bank digital currency (CBDC) is about completely controlling your finances, therefore controlling your life, and everyone else’s.

The ‘digital pound’ will be very different from the cards and payment apps you use today.

This ‘smart’ money will be programmable, so they will be able to restrict how you use it, or even switch it off altogether.

It is the tyrant’s ultimate dream - once they control everyone’s money, they can make you do what they want, or restrict you from anything or anywhere at the stroke of a key. No one will be able to save or plan for the future, and we will, in effect, be slaves.

But there is a simple way to counter it and stop it being implemented, because they can never overtly state what CBDC is really for. They will say: ‘most people are paying electronically now anyway, and digital currency will make things safer, easier and more convenient.’

So to prevent it, use cash - everywhere, all of the time. Use ATMs and (if you still have one) bank branches to withdraw cash, and don’t use pay apps or cards if possible.

Refuse to go into businesses that don’t accept cash, and support the ones that do. Cash is freedom.

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